HomePod - Who’s thinking of getting one, and how many?


Yeah, that’s definitely the upshot in this case, but I seriously doubt it’s why they’re doing it. It will be something to do with ensuring a high quality user experience I would say. Still a bummer though.


Totally agree. I was just positing that by being AirPlay only, no other AV device connected to a television can play audio to it, so it doesn’t really solve the ‘home theatre problem’ even with 2 speakers in stereo unless the only content any user watches is from Apple TV.

Other than being an AirPlay only speaker, it’s effectively just an external expression of AirPods use cases (i.e. AirPlay music + Siri processing done on your phone remotely played on speaker). I am sure some people will love that, no doubt.

I was just commenting that I’ve heard people here and on podcasts talk about using it in a hifi / tv setting, and was highlighting that it will only work with Apple TV content in that setting which is way too limited for me - especially given the other options out there. :slight_smile:


Could you use iTunes Match instead of iCloud Music instead?

They may be the same thing, I’m no expert.


Yeah, they do both work from what I can tell, but I don’t have iTunes Match either and don’t really want to add a $35/year subscription to my life given that I only listen to music at home.


Totally valid. I’d say buy a Yamaha or other standard network AirPlay then and use the iOS remote app like I do! :wink:


Why couldnt you just play the music actually on the iOS device via airplay or Bluetooth too Jaysee?
If you can’t do that it is just a deliberately stupid move.


Good catch - I was referring to a large music library on iTunes that I assumed wasn’t on iOS, but it totally could have been synced over a cable I guess! :+1:


I wouldn’t rule out the deliberately stupid move of not working with anything other an iCloud service either, Jaysee.
This thing appears to be an awesome speaker that is otherwise crippled so it can only work with an Apple service.


It will definitely work as an AirPlay v1 & later v2 speaker for any iOS device to play to from any app. That’s been announced already.


Oh, good to hear. I was getting worried.


Do you know if airplay is being fixed up so that notification sounds don’t also pass through and play over top of the music?


Sorry, don’t know. I almost always have my phone on mute anyway so I don’t hear them usually - as I have watch for notifications with haptic feedback.


From: https://www.apple.com/au/homepod/specs/

Looks like in addition to AirPlay on home network (i.e. from devices on the local wifi) it will also support direct device to speaker via wifi:

Peer-to-peer AirPlay requires a Mac (2012 or later) with OS X Yosemite or later, or an iOS device (late 2012 or later) with iOS 8 or later.

I’m not 100% sure but I think this is AirDrop style tech - i.e. two devices talking via Bluetooth and Wifi without being paired or on the same Wifi network.


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I did have a think about it, but I love my boombox too much. I even have a bluetooth cassette for it as well. Not currently working but I am getting it fixed. Coke can for scale.




A bluetooth cassette, I didn’t even know things like this existed. Back in the day I had my Sony Discman plugged in via a 3.5mm adaptor to a cassette adaptor to the tape player in my car… until I upgraded the head unit to a CD player and never looked back. But Bluetooth! How RAD!

The first link I found on Google for anyone interested in what one looks like:


That’s actually the Bluetooth cassette I have, I took the back off the boombox so I could get inside and fix the tape deck hinge. But it’s still not quite working and now doesn’t power on so I must’ve nudged something inside so I’ll have to open it up again


The great thing is with the Bluetooth cassette is when you press play, it powers on and automatically pairs to my iPhone. Then when you’re done and you press stop, the cassette turns off. Unfortunately it isn’t powered by the boombox (not sure it’s possible) but you can just take it out when it’s in need of a charge and plug it in the wall


It’s got a USB charger so you could always hack in a 5V source to keep it charged, either from mains or battery should be possible with a little tinkering, although then you’d have to cut up / modify the boom box a little to make it fit with the tape inserted. I’m assuming there would be enough empty space in a unit that big to hide away any needed power converters/chargers/wiring.