How do I save a video from Twitter?

I’ve looked at all the various how to’s, but none of them really work. Yes I can download a video that is save it, but it’s not a ‘bit for bit’ copy which is obviously what I want. For example the videos I wish to save are all at 504x504 resolution. If I simply copy and paste the video’s Twitter URL to any one of the various Twitter video downloaders like ‘’ the resulting saved video is always converted to a different resolution/quality i.e 320x320 or 480x480 or 720x720, etc in the process. Obviously none of these resolutions match the 504x504 resolution of the video I wish to save and even if this resolution were an option the quality would still be less than the original.

Obviously I need a way to save the videos without using a Twitter video downloader since that method ‘always’ converts the video’s size/quality so the saved video is never a bit for bit copy.

I’ve read other methods of saving Twitter videos that don’t rely on using a video downloader, but the problem is none of them actually work. It doesn’t matter if I use Safari or Chrome the methods described just don’t work!

Does anyone here have or has found a method that does actually work so the saved video is an exact bit for bit copy.

I haven’t found an example of a 504x504 Twitter video, so I’m not sure if my method works or not, do you have an example of one?

Ok, I’ve found most or nearly all of the videos on Tumblr and of course saving a video there is easy as you just do Control - mouse click and ‘Download Video As’, but of course that option is disabled in Twitter.

Actually I’ve looked at the info for the videos I’ve saved off Tumblr and it states 720x720 not 504x504 or 558x558 which was another. So they’re obviously just resized for display on the webpage, but they are actually 720x720.

I guess I’ll have to download one of the videos off Twitter using one of the Twitter video downloaders and look at the file size compared to saving the same video off Tumblr and see if the file sizes match or not. That way I’ll know if the Twitter video downloader is reducing the quality.