How durable is the Space Grey Apple Watch?


I’m thinking about getting myself a 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch Series 2 (aluminium) but would like some feedback on the durability of the case and the glass first. Specifically looking for feedback on how easily the case chips or scratches or the screen scratches or marks from those who have them.

I might consider going to the Space Black stainless steel if it is any better but given how prone SS is to scratching and the fact that I’d expect you can’t polish out the scratches on the black like you can with the standard stainless steel case I can’t see this as being a real option.

I work in IT so can occasionally spend time up to my elbows in PC cases, server cases, comms and server racks etc. but spend most of my time at a desk using a computer. I always wear a long sleeved shirt so would suspect that this would give some kind of protection at times.

Plus I guess a screen protector os some sort would be a good idea as well, are there any recommendations on those (preferably via. Ebay)


I have the space black SS series 2, purchased on release date. So far it has remained scratch free. I have found sapphire crystal watch faces are reasonably durable.


I’ve got the Series 0, Sport in Space Grey/black and managed to scratch it pretty early on in the piece, it seems I just wasn’t used to wearing a watch after many years of not having one (Pro Tip: Take your watch off before putting snow chains on your car :stuck_out_tongue: ). Since then, I don’t think I’ve scratched it much more (if at all) and I do tend to get under desks as well as do work round the house, on the car etc etc and tend to wear it when I shouldn’t (until I notice then take it off).

But… and to answer your question. I would absolutely get the stainless steel version next time around just for the glass. I think I’d also get a silver one over the black one too, while I love the black, I think silver would match more bands and look better with a suit and tie (at least that’s my personal preference).


Thanks for that I’m starting to think that myself as I wear a suit and tie at work, the only downside is that it only comes with a white strap :frowning: but I guess I can always get an alternative strap (perhaps from eBay)

Although I think that the black looks great too so I’m kind of torn for choice as they all look good and I really wonder if I can justify the price difference between aluminium and stainless steel


That’s always bothered me a little bit. Why when I’m ordering the watch can’t I mix and match down to whatever combo I want. I got the black band with my black watch, I then bought the Apple genuine Product Red band for a little colour which is nice and all but REALLY draws attention to the watch (which is not always what you want).

I then wanted to buy the little pin adaptor sets so you could use any off the shelf band from your local watch place and while looking found this little gem figuring that if it was crap I’d just harvest the mounting brackets… A year later and I’m still rocking the same $18.73 band (which makes it feel more like a real watch :stuck_out_tongue: )

This isn’t the same place/seller but this looks like mine:

Or this type of clip if you want to buy from your local watch place:

**NOTE: These are just the first links I found, I know nothing about these particular sellers.


Thanks, that strap looks very nice - at the moment due to the price difference I’m really thinking about the Series 2 Aluminium in Space Grey as I don’t think I can justify the $330 (NZ) price difference to go to the SS


I think it does, too. I dont have SS, and mine is only the alu silver series 1 but I have been happy with it. I dont have a screen guard on, and its never been scratched that I can see, its not been looked after any more carefully than any other watch I have ever owned but its more resistant, clearly, to poor treatment.

I have bought a variety of bands to go with it, but almost inevitably I find myself reverting to the original white sport band, or a red or tan leather if I am going out. I have a couple of milanese loops, and although I loved them at first, I dont anymore. No particular reason. The original band is more comfortable.


Series 0 Sport in Space Grey here. It’s in as good as new condition, no marks on the case or glass. I’ve not gone out of my way to protect it from impact, but having said that I’m not exactly rough with it either.


I do mostly exactly the same work. I always take my watch off before reaching into a rack or PC case. I started doing this after knocking it a few times. The body of my watch is perfect almost two years later (Series 0), save for some very light discolouration on one side. I think Apple have improved the glass. I scratched the face of my first watch about 2 months in, and Apple replaced it under warranty (the whole device actually, hence the slightly less than 2 years). I reckon they had some defective glass in the original run. Since then, it’s perfect. I wear my watch all day, every day.

Every stainless (silver) watch I’ve seen has been covered in little scratches (like the back of my iPhone 7+ Jet Black). The Apple Store staff say they “buff out” but I’ve never tried or seen that. But I believe the Alu body is way stronger than the SS. My next watch will probably be a gold Alu (not available when I bought) if they offer it with a decent coloured band (where is the plain brown, Apple?!).

Not bad for almost 2 years old, worn daily!

P.S. I should have added - I think screen protectors are not needed on the watch, and look tacky! :confused:


Thanks for that, I think then that my decision is made - 42mm Space Grey Aluminium it will be (assuming that ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ [wife] is Ok with me getting myself one for my birthday) - after all nothing can be done without approval from SWMBO.


Also have to decide between the series 1 and series 2 … it may be that I choose to save money and get the series 1 as I cannot see me swimming and I’ll always have my phone on me so don’t really need the GPS and other hoopla - but a part of me also wonders if I actually need an Apple Watch as I haven’t worn a watch in around 2 years now and really don’t miss it :anguished: plus its a hell of a lot of money for something that isn’t a must have item (to me anyway)


I do have a 2 years old black aluminium Apple Watch … I wear it everyday (even when I sleep since this January) and never when under the shower or during a bath at sea or a swimming pool.

I made a scrape on the opposite side of the crown, probably putting my hands inside a server’s rack … other than that it’s simply perfect and with a glass cleaning cloth it becomes brand new!

[once I’ve used a cloth with some turpentine :scream: on it to remove some paint spallers … no damage !]


Series 2 Space grey aluminium owner here. It’s in great condition. I’ve bumped it into things a few times and it seems to be impervious to nearly anything. Very happy with it. I’m sure if I really tried I could damage it, but so far bump accidents have done no damage.


As long as you’re not a bricklayer or stonemason, you should be fine.

These devices are designed and developed by people who would have very similar work and living environments as the majority of us here (office/indoors).