I can't do that on my Mac



For years and years Apple ads attacked the PC world, steamrolling laptops, frying processors, and then there were these guys:

Maybe I’m wrong, but - I really don’t recall a whole heap of retaliation? (Maybe that’s because I’ve on the wrong side of the fence, and/or haven’t gone looking.)

Now though, we have these ads…


I can’t do that on my Mac…

Has Apple really gotten the upper hand in the PC market? Have times become so desperate for Mac OS competitors that they have decided their best option is to go on the offensive?

The tag-line sometimes is delivered so subtly, they may as well have left it out.

I’d love to see their marketing stats pre/post campaign. I think someone’s butt needs kicking.




It’s interesting, the Microsoft ads aren’t nearly as powerful as the Apple Mac v PC ones, as the things you “can’t do on your mac” are user experience things, not real applications that would make you chose one over the other. I wonder whether instead of trying to win over Mac users, they’re trying to convince PC users to upgrade and stick in the PC world.


Don’t those ads just talk about the touch screens? And most of the ads I’ve noticed on prime time TV mention the Mac really subtly and most people wouldn’t pick up on it – like it’s a fraction of the content of the ad. Whereas in “I’m a Mac I’m a PC”, the whole ad focused on comparing the two.


Apple are moving further and further away from the values they once espoused and the dropping of the Mac vs PC adverts is just one symptom of that.

I give you this image to give the newer converts to Apple an idea of how much things have changed.



Unlike many here I don’t have a problem with Apple’s direction of late and I’m content with the Apple gear I have.

However it would certainly be nice if the “Costs less” part remained true!


Haven’t seen these ones but have to say I think the Surface Studio ad is one of the best I’ve ever seen.


There was a time when Apple cost less??? This was in the pre-Mac days, I’m guessing?


That’s when the button is from yes.


Thats from the early 90s - The Performas and LC’s were marketed as ‘Does more, costs less, its that simple’. The LC 475 was really quite cheap in its day apparently.


Oops sorry… my bad.


Ahh… Ok, the LC475 was around $300 cheaper than the LCIII. Did not know that! Of course, that’s US pricing… I assume that “costs less” could ONLY have been in reference to previous Macs… cos there’s no way they cost less than a “PC”…


Apple’s marketing suggested otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: I believe the LC 475 was $900


LCIII $1350
LC475 $1085
Variance $265 (ie around $300 cheaper)