I need a new Password Manager


I’ve been using Acrylic Software’s Wallet for years, but its now 3 years since the last update. What I am looking for is a universal licence (Macs x2 plus iphone and ipad) and something that can be synced between all these via Dropbox. I’m not interested in 1Password, simply because of its cost, although I do own the iOS versions and a licence for 1Password 3… I just can’t afford it at its current price.

So, any suggestions apart from 1Password. (also not really interested in apps which require you to store your stuff on their servers… I’m just paranoid enough to think thats not very secure).


I was a big fan of eWallet from Ilium Software back in the Microsoft Pocket PC days. Also do a search on keePass clients.

If all else fails there’s always iCloud Keychain.


Other thing to think about is an application that uses its own sync backend might not be a bad idea, as long as it’s secure (I have no idea which ones do and don’t). DropBox is pretty susceptible to being hacked. A smaller service might attract less attention to hackers if it’s only storing a few thousands compared to the millions of people using Dropbox.


LastPass. I use it and love it and it’s free.


That’s all I use. Works for me shrug


Except when it stops syncing for no good reason whatsoever. Last time it did I gave up and reinstall macOS. No amount of mucking around with the keychain app could get it syncing again.


Doesnt that require your database to be on their server?


I must be using it incorrectly then :wink:


All part of the magic of iCloud.


I have been using 1Password for a long while now (since 2011 according to 1Password which also tracks my software licences :stuck_out_tongue: ). I also started using it on Windows a couple of years ago too which is pretty awesome to have everything shared so easily.

Given I started before iCloud I’ve been using dropbox to handle sync, it’s all encrypted in Dropbox so you have to get hacked AND they have to break the encryption… so I feel reasonably safe with this setup. It’s possible to use iCloud these days but since I’m on Windows too I haven’t even bothered looking into that.

But yeah, I love it.


They have moved to a subscription based model these days, but it’s still possible to buy the stand alone version if you want (which is what I’m still running).


Well, I did say I wasnt interested in 1Password. I don’t see $100 worth of value in that when I can get similar/same from other sources. I’m on a pension, and whilst I am happy to pay for apps which are priced in a way I consider to be fair, I think that Agilebits are over the top on this one, so no matter how good it is, I wont be buying it.


I too use Wallet. It is still working so I’m staying with it at present.
That said I am preparing myself if I need to find an alternative.
I have mSecure both as a Mac OS App and iOS app, I think acquired when they were reduced in price.
Have thought of transferring my Wallet info over but yet to do that, Time restraints, and Wallet still performs OK.
Have Dashlane as an iOS app but looks expensive to use across several machines.

I do have an old version of 1Password, but haven’t ever got into it. Started to but lost interest.


Sounds like we are in the same boat. Looked at Dashlane and a few others, but Wallet’s simple UI suits me best. I keep getting warnings in iOS about the dev updating, and thats never going to happen, more’s the pity, which is why I think it sucks that they are still happy to take money for it via the app store.

However, Wallet is what suits me best. And I think like you, I’ll just keep using it, and backing up the db into a csv file every so often (especially before operating system updates) and hope for the best.


Fair comment, I know you said you weren’t interested, and I probably should have mentioned that, but I think I was still burned out from a day in the sun. The point I was trying to make was that they had changed their model so I thought it was worth talking about if it was the ongoing sub that was the issue vs the old outright model. It’s always used to be on sale from time to time through those various mac app packages, although I guess these days they would be focussing on their subscription model rather than the outright licence so probably won’t suit.


Yeah, they do seem to be, and the functionality of the outright purchase is limited. But seriously… $100 (well, 99.99) for just the desktop version? That is really really expensive, and more so when you consider that its not got all the features of the sub model and you would eventually have to buy it again.

Until something similar to Wallet pops up, I guess I will keep on with it. I’ll also take another look at Last Pass but I dont think it will fit my needs. Some of the apps seem to want to deal with everything (even Wallet has a shopping list… wtf?) But all I want is somewhere to keep application licences and login passwords, as well as VoIP, payTV etc.


If you already own 1Password, why aren’t you using it?

I haven’t subbed to 1Password, mostly because I’m pretty happy with how it works at the moment. Their iOS and Mac clients have all the features I care about. Maybe if they introduce something pretty cool in an upcoming version, but otherwise the current versions of 1Password have everything I’m looking for. And from the looks of things, everything you’re looking for, too.


What extras does the subscription version add over the stand alone version?


I think one of the main drawcards of the subscription service is access to their hosted service, so instead of using Dropbox or iCloud you get to use 1Password’s own hosted solution (which also powers some stuff like access to your passwords on the web at 1Password.com). There are a couple of fringe benefits as well, such as access to all of their apps on all platforms, free updates to all the apps, etc.


Thanks kyte, this is a timely reminder to do this also.
Had forgotten about this csv export of the Database.


Just a thought, and I realise this doesn’t help with iOS, but I find it works really well for me.

I made a small encrypted disk image with Disk Utility. I store all my passwords and a bit of other guff in a few text files on it. It’s in my Dropbox, so I have access to it on any Mac that can access the internet. Anything I use regularly gets stored in the local Keychain or a browser on one or another Macs anyway, but whatever I need is wherever I am.