I need a new Password Manager


1Password3 wont ever be updated, it was part of a bundle or a freebie from someplace., so only good for that version.

[edit] Also, it crashes in later OSX versions.


It would likely work fine with iOS if its stored in Dropbox, but I must confess that I’m attached to the apps.


Yeah, fair enough. I’ve been considering buying an app even though I like this solution.

The problem with iOS is that it doesn’t know what to do with a disk image. It’s there but you can’t do anything with it.


I’m with @The_Hawk, 1Password works great for me…


Ahh, OK, I have never tried.


Had a look at Secrets?


No, I have not. Going to look now, thanks!!


Sadly, Secrets was not what I needed. Many of these other PW managers look really decent, but I have dozens of logins, licences, etc, stored in Wallet so I need one that will import the details properly, and not in one huge uncategorised list. Most (1password excepted) want you to have a lastpass or some other file, but generic CSV is not the go. 1Password seems to import a big list. I have not used 1password6 but theres no point, because I cant afford it.

So I downloaded nearly every free or lite pw manager from the app store this afternoon, and have now narrowed it down to something called EnPass. It does import generic CSV, and allows partial imports so you can get your existing stuff into the category you want. Its free, I dont know what the catch is, so far have not had to join another site. It seems, in fact, to have similar functionality to Wallet.

I’ll report more info when I have some.


I know you stated you can’t afford 1Password, but it really is an excellent application.

I have been a 1Password user for years (since version 1). The price of the stand alone version is $64.99USD so, about $90AUD.

They have been very good at providing free updates as well. They allowed all 1Password 5 users to upgrade to 1Password 6 for free, so looking at my licence, I paid for it back in 2013. I paid $35USD back then. $10 a year is pretty good value, and support is excellent.

Even if you went down the subscription route, it is $4AUD a month, so the full price of the software is not that expensive. You can also try to find coupon codes for a discount too.

I tried LastPass, but did not like having to always have an internet connection to access my passwords, and have only found 1Password to suit my needs across iOS, macOS and Windows.


$99.99 in the app store. I’m playing with Enpass. So far so good. I just wish the Acrylic apps mob would do a minor update so it will remain compatible with iOS and MacOS. I’d be happy then. I emailed them and asked them to consider it. They probably wont, but you never know.


+1 Vote for 1Password.

[ I know you didn’t want to spend the money but 1Password is so good I can’t help but recommend it anyway. :slight_smile: ]



At least with 1Password you’ll know they’ll be sticking around for a while, which means you’ll always have apps that work on your devices all backed by responsive, knowledgeable support.

I mean, you’ve already mentioned that one of the alternatives that you were looking into hasn’t been updated in a while, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve gotten a reply from them just yet. What’s to say the same thing won’t happen with whatever app you choose to go with that isn’t 1Password, and we’ll be back here in another 6-12 months?

There’s gotta be a reason so many people recommend 1Password.

Either go with the first-party app, or the best third-party.


I know what you are saying… so I took another look at 1Password, the demo downloadable from the agilebits website. It was completely unable to import anything from my CSV file. The earlier versions did, though not very elegantly. No import, no cigar. I have too much stored in there to start from scratch.

I only wrote to the Wallet people a few hours ago so really, I dont expect a reply on the same day. Maybe I wont get one.

It occurred to me, of course, that I am no longer updating my MacOS (old hardware) and I suspect I may be on my last iOS update too, depending on what happens later this year, so maybe it doesnt have to be a problem.


Not sure if that was meant for me, but if so my reasoning for posting anyway was I figure there’s value in a discussion about password managers to add my voice for others who may search and read this thread in the future. Not choosing the best option because your budget doesn’t support it is a valid decision and I’m not saying you should get 1Password. Just that others should know what we all use & love, and if they can afford it then they can get it.


I should have kept looking for a beating a dead horse graphic. I guess that one is a bit rude, and I certainly dont think your comment was dumb. I’ll replace it.


@kyte I’ve been using KeePass happily for years now (KeePassX for Mac). You can place the KeePass file on a cloud file storage solution (Dropbox etc.) to share between devices or OSes.
I think it’s a pretty safe and secure application that will fulfil your needs, without cost, without lock-in (it’s open source) and without a forced cloud data storage solution like 1Password. Best of luck.


Thanks, neo, I’ll take a look. But you know so far the only one which has effortlessly imported my Wallet database (in CSV format) is EnPass. Thats free on desktop but charges $14.99 for iOS versions. Its still reasonable.


If you want cheap, go KeePass or Password Safe. If you want good, supportable, well regarded, and a solid development roadmap, go 1Password.

I’ve owned it for years, I don’t sub, and it does everything I want and more. I do use iCloud to store my keychain now that I have it on multiple devices, but ran it locally for years with no issues. 1Password 3 is still a fine app. If you’ve got the license, use it. Then keep an eye on app bundles - 1Password is almost always included in app bundles at a hugely reduced cost.

Plenty of options have been talked about. 1Password is the clear favourite, but you have alternatives you can try. That won’t stop people recommending 1Password because it is the best.


I’m going to try once more to get my info into 1P3. It may be more useful to try doing it with an even older version, because 1P3 made a complete schemozzle of it yesterday when I tried. I seem to remember that v2 might have coped with it. Seriously… starting from scratch with something like 5 years of info to be regenerated? Nope. Not for me. That said, I’m stubborn so I’ll keep trying, and yes, I’ll watch for cheap bundles, thats how I got v3.