I need a new Password Manager


kyte, think upgrade price from v3 is around $45 au. I, like you, have version 3, also purchased in a bundle, or bought on special or something.
But I am not convinced about 1Password. Yes people rave about it, but for me, just doesn’t grab. Where as Wallet does.
And have to say after you bringing up Enpass, I’m interested in looking at it. Developer has been working for on it for a few years, and has released regular updates. Cost of $15 for the iOS app is good for me. And the macOS version is free. And you say Wallet data can be imported ok.
Just busy atm so it will have to wait


Well, I finally managed to get my data from wallet to 1P6. It involved using 1P3 (which crashes frequently in el cap) to import the data, then export it to a 1password file and then import that to 1P6. I’m still not comfy with it. When you import you only get two options for it, either login or secure note and for around 45% of what I have does not fit either of those categories. Now you’d think you could drag and drop to the right category. Nope. There it is, stuck as a login, no matter what it is. I really cant be arsed. I get why its recommended, if its your first password manager, its probably perfect. For those of us with heaps of data looking to switch from an unsupported app… its rubbish. Seriously.

Back to EnPass for me, for now.


@kyte, have you thought about asking the dev/support team about your issue?, They’re very pro active and may be able to tell you how to sort it out, someway to do it that you may not know.


Further to all this…

I’m glad I asked the question, and received the responses I did, because it forced me to download and try out a number of different apps. In the end, I realised that I wanted something which would be nearly identical in how it functioned, to Wallet. I’m happy with EnPass and have paid for the iOS apps. Its easy, its clean, and it works for me. I like how it tells you whether your password is adequate or not (and in my case, mostly not)

It has a nice password generator, a better one than wallet but I imagine there are others better or the same. Anyway, looks good to me

@Chrip I think you will like it. Importing from the Wallet CSV isnt perfect, but it is good enough that its easy to edit later.

Thanks to all for your input.


The latest humble bundle has 1Password https://www.humblebundle.com/game-developer-software-bundle


I’m sure someone will be happy to pay $10 to get a year’s subscription, sounds like a good deal if you want the subs model.


Not to defend 1password, but what I tend to do with these apps is wait for them to be on special. 1Password is regularly included in bundles with apps like Parallels so I found I can get Parallels and 1password with a number of other apps for $50 if you wait for the right time. Both of these are overpriced individually. When it comes to upgrades, I do the same, wait for a special offer and then upgrade (if I need to)


Thats what I do, too. Thats how I got 1Password3. But, There’s a trial of the current version, and I downloaded that and trialled it. It doesnt import my CSV or TSV (where earlier versions did) and even when I went to the trouble of filtering through earlier versions, I found I was unable to then place my stuff into separate categories as I had them in Wallet. I am able to do that with EnPass, and that costs a tiny fraction of the cost of 1Password. For someone on a pension it was a no brainer. I’ve paid for the iOS versions of EnPass (the desktop version is free) and I find it to be much more user friendly than 1Password.

For those of us who have not been using 1Password from its inception and have tried many other alternatives… seriously, it just is not “better” than anything else. Its riding on its reputation rather than anything it does better than any other app (why did any of you get it? Because you trialled it along with lots of others, or did you get it because people you knew were using it).

At the time it was released, there wasnt much else about (except Wallet and a few dodgy looking other apps or websites) so you went with one or the other. Most went with 1Password (because “they” said it was the best) but I already had Wallet and no reason to switch. I started sussing out alternatives to Wallet and found nothing as user friendly. I did find something called 1Key last year which was really good, but its disappeared off the face of the earth by the looks of it. They should have charged for it, it was good enough, but they didnt, both desktop and iOS versions were free and that, I suppose, is what happens. The Wallet devs went to facebook which is a real bummer, but… because its so basic in function, I live in hope that it will keep working. My purchase of Enpass is to ensure my future in password storage :slight_smile:


I’ve seen 1password in bundled deals before that aren’t that expensive…keep an eye out for these!

Here are some expired examples:



No thanks. Read back for the why and wherefores


Surprised no ones mentioned 1Password yet. Have you heard of it?


You’re stirring aren’t you? OP has already said 1Password is not an option for him, I also find 1Password to not be the best solution for me as well as I find the interface terrible.

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Yep. Pretty sure that was a joke. :wink:


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Well, for those of us using Wallet… an update. Happy to keep on, and have Enpass as backup.


What effect has the update had ? Any issues or is still much the same ?
Funny how this has come after so many years of no changes.
I saw it come up as an update but have yet to install it on my my main working machine ?


Basically still functioning much the same, still has the autofill extensions, still works exactly as it always did. I can’t remember what the message about the update was, but I can say that it works just fine and I am happy. Looks like they will still keep updating for compatibility with newer OSes. I did email them and ask them to do it, but got no response. Must have been a flood of requests.