iCloud Message Syncing


So this fancy new feature that was part of the betas (which I didn’t use) was pulled out not long before release and suggested it would come later… but when is later. Is there any information on when this might be released?


None. It’s not in the iOS 11.2 beta either, so I’d expect sometime in 2018.


Rats. I’ve got my old phone sitting waiting to go to my daughter but would love to sync across the messages first… now I don’t need them… but if I can keep them it would be nice.

I have an app somewhere (who knows if it still works on High Sierra) that can copy off all the messages and print them as a PDF or something like that. I’m sure there are other options too.

Plan B would be to do a backup, save it off for later and give her the phone… Then when the appropriate update comes, back it up again for her, restore my old image, sync message content the wipe it and restore her backup…

Plan C. Just move on :stuck_out_tongue:


PhoneView? Would be my guess?

Also they’re supposed to be an app that you can backup the iMessages and then manually restore them to the device. But I’m not aware of what it’s called just heard it mentioned in a conversation a couple weeks back.


Yep that’s the one. Purchased back in 2011 and I’ve just re-installed it and it appears to be working just fine :smiley:


Can also access messages from iTunes backup’s