iMac Pro price lotto


I don’t know if they have any clue what they’re doing with the Pro market, I think their admission with the Mac Pro shows that. I do find it weird that this is less upgradable rhan the normal iMac, i’d Think that the insane descision to keep the same design meant a new cooling system that made the removable ram plate impossible.


I for one think it’s a solid example of Apple’s ability to iterate on a design and refine.
They’ve managed to cram up to 18 cores of workstation CPU hotness (literally) into the same space as a consumer CPU and somehow keep it cool enough.

I’m not the target audience for this machine, but I definitely appreciate the work that’s gone into producing it for those who are.


My thought was - with all that CPU hotness - how can they keep it cool in such a slim design?! And, if they can fit it all in… Why isn’t the normal iMac more powerful?


I don’t know why they didnt throw it all at a Mac Pro with a better case design, and reintroduce Apple displays of some kind. I’ve never owned one, too exy for me, but they really were lovely things.


Cost & specs I would wager


The inability to open it up isnt about future upgrades. The issues to me are the horrendous price of the additional RAM and storage BTOs at purchase, and the difficulty in servicing if something breaks down.

These things are probably of minimal or even zero concern to the target market which is I assume factories like Pixar.


Even at my work, whilst they flog the computers (Macs and PCs) to death, I can’t say I’ve heard of any upgrades being performed. These are being used for art (the Macs) and other general business affairs. On Friday my manager came to me holding a recently orphaned monitor and asked if I’d (finally!) like to have 2 screens… Except when we looked, the old PC tower I am using only has 1 output port on its video card, so I’m not holding my breath… :frowning:

As @Entropy says though, it’s not all about “upgrades” - repairs are a huge concern, though clearly Apple are showing less and less interest in offering repair options for their devices. And I’d not thought about the fact that Apple charge so much for extra RAM/etc when you BTO… That’s just massive price gouging, without alternative for the iMac Pro.