iMac stand removal


I have the latest iMac and want to get a VESA mounted adapter put on. I know it’s physically impossible to remove the stand like the old model but have seen some videos that it can be disassembled and then removed. I have called a few repair places in Sydney and they can’t do this so does anyone know a repair place that would do this? I have the adapter ready to go.


Oxy acetylene torch…?

What reason did they offer for not doing it??


Both places I called up said it was too hard for them to do and would not be willing to do the work on it.


If there’s no majorly special tools or glue involved… DIY?

Would screw your AppleCare though.


Would rather a professional do this as it’s a top speced IMac. Just wish the sales person when I purchased it informed me that you could order it with VESA mount attached. Too late now as that was in October


Where did you buy it?

Probably crazy, but - you could try call Apple Australia and ask about the possibility of “trading” it in against a VESA model…??

If an authorised Apple dealer can’t make the mods without infringing warranty, and you REALLY need it mounted… then selling and buying the right model may be the only option… says he who has NO experience in this area, so…


@sasha, you used to be able to buy VESA mounts that attached to the stand… years ago. Wonder if you could find one.

Edit: Here you go.


Apple still selling the VESA mount for all the iMac and Cinema Display. Just not on they website, but All the AASP can order them from GSX.


I believe this is actually not correct. New iMacs are ordered as either stand or VESA. Those adapters they used to sell don’t work on latest model (Macs, anyway, I think Cinema Display does). Unless you’re talking about ordering a whole new back for the iMac?


GSX Article ID RP1274
Parts Number: 923-00557


So it’s a whole new back case?


NO, Apple call it VESA mount adapter!


The VESA Mount Adapter is a separate removable component from the rear enclosure, but that part number (923-00557) corresponds to an entire replacement rear housing. I’m not aware of a part number that allows an AASP to order just the VESA Mount to convert an existing rear housing.

That said it is possible, if you swap the VESA Mount, VESA Tongue and the internal mounting plate in place of the stand tilt mechanism on an existing rear housing. It isn’t welded into place or anything of the sort, just screwed in. However it does require dismantling the entire computer to get to it which on these models is somewhat of a pain, requiring the renewal of several screen VHB adhesives in the process.


VHB adhesives----076-1437 :innocent: