Infuse vs. Plex for Apple TV


I recently bought a 4th gen Apple TV and while Plex seems to work OK through it, I found out that there is another similar app called Infuse 5. Everywhere I went said that Infuse was better than Plex but so far, I don’t quite get the point of it. It doesn’t seem to do anything much more than the Plex app and yet still requires that I run Plex Server. What’s the point of it? Why should I pay money for Infuse?


It doesnt need the PLex server, it can run alone as long as you tell it where your media lives. You dont even need to have your computer running, if you have a drive connected to your router with your media on it. It can use the Plex server, but its not mandatory.


I found it because I was looking for a way to use the USB-C port at the back of the Apple TV with a Flash Drive. Apparently FireCore used to be able to do that but not with 3rd or 4th gens. A new router is on my to-do list though so I guess I’ll consider Infuse then.


If you have a NAS, that works, too. I havent yet bought a compatible router (mostly, the drives have to be formatted FAT or FAT32 which I dont like) … I could plug in my old AEBS and have a mac formatted drive, but havent got round to it… I just leave my Mini on 24/7 anyway, so a drive plugged in via a USB hub suited me, and works just fine. I sometimes use Plex, but mostly am happy with Infuse. They are both good at fetching metadata, but sometimes trip up. You can edit/change Infuse metadata on your AppleTV, but PLex metadata has to be edited at the server level (IIRC).