Intall tv shows to iPad that wasn't setup via iTunes



I bought a new iPad and set it up via wi-fi without connecting it to iTunes. I have been watching TV shows on my phone whilst on the train, but now Im on leave I wanted to keep watching but on the iPad now.

When I plug the iPad in and start iTunes, iTunes asks me if I want to set it up as new or restore from a back up. I don’t want to do either of those as I have set it up previously. I’d rather not start all over again so how can I download TV shows to it.

What are my options, or don’t I have a choice?



I presume you don’t want to download TV shows directly onto the iPad? No reason they shouldn’t be showing up in the Videos app if you’ve purchased via iTunes…

Otherwise, you can sync them when you setup your iPad as new. That option won’t wipe your iPad, you get to keep everything that’s on it, but it means you can then sync content from your iTunes library to it, although I think that any content that you currently have on it will be overridden with content you sync from iTunes.


You have encountered the most annoying and poorly worded dialog box in macOS. “Set up as new” will retain the existing (ie manual and not from iTunes) setup of the device - unless you later chose to sync data over the top with iTunes. So “setup as new” is what you want as it will then let you backup / use device. Downloading content direct from cloud is the correct way to get stuff from iTunes these days.


Thank you both for the clarification. Poorly worded indeed.

Much appreciated