iOS 10 - The New Shiny


I’ve been on iOS 10 since PB 1 and I really do like it - I love the faster animations :stuck_out_tongue: And some of the widgets. I wish the parked car could be done some other way, I’m not allowed to use hands free or phone navigation, so i wish there was another way of doing it!


Anyone know how 10 performs on a iPhone 5s?


Performs pretty well on a 5 - can’t imagine it running badly on a 5S, as the 6 is barely better than the 5S.


Hm, Airplay is a bit buggy. We were playing some music over our Apple TV from an iphone 6 plus. Then we started looking at some photos on the same phone. It automatically airplayed the photos to the TV… causing a pause in the music while it switched to video mode. then when you stop looking at the photos, it pauses again for a few seconds, and then keeps playing. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to turn this off… eg if you are airplaying music, it things you want to mirror other stuff as well, and you can’t turn it off like you used to be able to, unless there’s some setting I’m missing.


It works about the same as iOS 9. Of course none of the capacative touch features work, but it works about the same… You have the same issues, background applications continue to be slow once you’ve got a few apps open due to the lack of RAM but that’s not an iOS issue that’s an iPhone 5S issue.


Sweet, not sure if I’ll update or just wait 'til I get a 7/7+…


there’s no real reason not to upgrade unless you’ve got a broken/screen home button, which will brick your iPhone in the same way iOS9 did if you have had them replaced with touch ID no longer working.

Other than that it performs pretty much the same as iOS9 but with all the new features.


First day of really using iOS 10 today while most of the improvements are pretty on-point, I can’t stand the lock screen changes, the bolding of the font and the way the clock has been moved down, I think it looks pretty cheap. Although I can understand why, it fucks with my OCD of having everything neat and centered.

Anyone else got any gripes with the new upgrade?


It sounds different. My phone lives on silent most of it’s life but I had reason to turn if off silent over the weekend and was a little thrown by all the different noises it makes. Not bad, just different.


Not really, I’m enjoying it.


I’m still swiping to unlock… which works if you have an app open, but I didn’t really want to open Tinder in the middle of my work the other day. It’s taking a while for the pathways in my brain to rewire themselves.


The little circle with lines in mail to show unread messages quickly. Love it. Simple but yay!

General -> accessibility -> Home Button -> Rest Finger to Open
Makes no difference if it’s toggled on/off. I still have to press the button for it to open on my 6s.


Theres a lot I dont much like (or need) about iOS10. I believe Apple is still signing 9.3.5 so I am going to downgrade. I dont like the lock screen, even though I have set it so it doesnt flash off right away, I dont like whats happened to the notification centre, and I absolutely detest whats happened to the health app. I thought that Apple thought that simple is better, health has added steps now to be able to see things. No more “at a glance” for you lot.

Hope to get downgraded tomorrow.


It is slower and in my case eats battery. YMMV. Its getting downgraded too.

[edit]. Changed mind about downgrade, a couple of reboots seems to have sorted the battery issue and as I am only using the 5S for nocturnal reading… no real need to change much.

Have not changed my mind about the things I dislike about iOS10 though.


How do you deal with the new notifications?

The clock for example used to use a pop up notification for the alarm when the iPhone was unlocked, and you could stop the alarm or snooze. Now there are no buttons on the notification…


Is anyone else having issues of iOS being very stingy with keeping apps in memory?

I’m on an iPhone 6, but I’ve noticed that even the most recently used app will be kicked out of memory after a few seconds of inactivity. For example, I’ll be reading a link in Safari (page entirely loaded), go off to Music to play a song, go back to Safari, and find that I have to wait seconds for the app to respond, load the page again, then return me to where I was.

Even pausing music for a few seconds whilst in another app will cause iOS to forget a song was playing, forcing me to go back to Music and restart it. This doesn’t seem normal, and I’ve rebooted my device several times since upgrading last week.


Pull down on the handle- not immediately apparent- took me a while to realise.


iOS 10 reminds me of how much I loved iOS 7 when it came out! Sometimes some new animations and a few new things that are right on point makes me fall back in love with the iPhone.

I’m not as happy though that Apple has cut off iWork support from iOS 9 devices after 1 week of iOS 10 availability. I can no longer open synced iWork documents on my iPad which has really pissed me off.


Changed my mind again about downgrading. Some of my favourite websites are now inconveniently larger than the screen on my ipad… I guess they always were, but at least in iOS9.3.5 they would shrink and be accommodated. Some, I can scroll across, others, I cannot. It is a pest. On the 5S, if the phone was plugged in for charging, no homescreen taps were recognised. Had to unplug to do anything.

The 5S is in the process of downgrade, iPad is next. 6S may be done after that but I’m not having as many issues with it as with the iPad.


I’ve had that before, strangely it only happened when plugged into an after market powerboard which has USB ports built into it. Using the genuine charger the problem went away… Dodgy charger in the poewrboard maybe?