iOS 11.2 is out


And it includes Apple Pay Cash, but only for the US at this stage.

Just downloading it now…


Downloading now! :slight_smile:


Just beware that the 11.2 update can cause issues with FaceID on the iPhone X, if it does cause you problems a reboot may help.

I still maintain that this shows a clear lack of testing in Apple’s behalf, we have had a raft of issues caused by software updates in the last 2 weeks that could have been avoided with a decent testing regime. (Please keep in mind that I’m not just saying this off the cuff, having worked in IT for almost 30 years now I understand the need for testing and the clear need for a documented testing process that would have shown some of these issues before the updates were released)

Given that we’ve seen a large surge in issues of late does it influence your faith in Apple at all?

Apple and their products are something that I have been passionate about for around 10 years now but also I feel that passion is starting to fade in the new post-Jobs Apple where they seem to be spreading themselves too thin and not concentrating on being the ‘best of breed’ in a small number of areas - it is akin (in my eyes) to how Apple was before jobs came back to save them 1997.

I’d love it if Apple returned to bringing out the best products that were throughly tested and consistently excellent, lets stop with the yearly software releases and just release an OS update (be it OS X or iOS) when they are actually ready rather than in a particular time-frame.


I don’t think you’re alone in thinking that Apple has (to some degree) lost it’s way (or the sense of direction given by jobs).

I would go further and say that this isn’t only reflected in releasing software with bugs but also with their recent emphasis on thin over function.


What’s the opinion on 11.2 from iPX users? Apart from the enabling of 7.5w charging what else is worth it?


I just wish it wouldn’t stutter on my very expensive iPad Pro. Makes me wonder why I bothered spending over $1000 to upgrade from the iPad 2.


Literally free updates have to be “worth it” now? :thinking:


My iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2 have survived the updates nicely, not that there were many changes… but my AppleTV’s wifi has crapped itself, no idea how to get round that. (and discovered I needed to pull the plug for a bit and reconnect. the usual methods of restarting etc didnt work)