iOS 11 Auto Lock not working


So there appears to be a little bit about this issue around on the internets, problems going back a few versions of iOS at least. Generally speaking, you are pointed toward the settings to check that auto lock is actually turned on.

In my case, I’ve had a few times now when I have put the phone down (or onto the charging dock) and it’s simply stayed awake, screen on full brightness… and nothing. I’ve had it happen both on and off power too, so it’s not limited to when it knows it’s on charge. Changing the timeout to another setting then back to 1 minute (my setting of choice) didn’t kick it back into life.

The problem is solved for the moment, a re-boot of the phone saw it come good (again) but this has happened twice now. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?


Now that you mention it, I have seen this on my iPhone 8 on 11.0.3 a couple of times; however each time there has been an app in the foreground so I’ve assumed it’s been the result of a buggy app preventing sleep.


I’ve had it on both an app screen and the home screen now. Mostly I hit the power button to sleep the phone manually (just out of habit), but these couple of times recently I’ve just noticed the screen staying lit up… strange.


Further to this I’ve become aware of my phone screen lighting up when asleep for no apparent reason. No notification or email etc received.



Thought it was just me… Have the same issue as well. Thought it was my email in background but no new emails. New update is out today, can’t wait to update when i get home tonight.


I’ve been wondering if it was me or my new iPhone 8 too. Will update to iOS 11.1 and see what happens.
It’s not mentioned in the release notes…