iOS 11 is out


Have just installed it, love the font and display improvements - it all looks a lot clearer but the major downside is that it is ridiculously slow on my iPhone 6+ compared to iOS 10.

Perhaps it’s doing some housekeeping in the background since it’s just been installed but if it continues to suffer these speed issues I will be recommending to friends, family and colleagues that they do not upgrade as it is substantially slower and this does not outweigh the benefits to me.


I’ve just updated on my 6S but am hesitant about moving from iOS10 on my iPad Air2 or Mini4. I’m also updating to WatchOS4, and really, I should have waited. Seems like the servers are being hammered, i’ve been stuck on 1 hour remaining for 30 minutes. Sighhhhh


The Mini 4 is still a current model, one would hope that Apple’s ‘let slow down earlier devices when we release new OS versions’ wouldn’t (yet) apply.

If it does though then I think I’m going to have to finally do what I’ve been considering and go to an iPad Pro (it’s just a shame there’s no pro mini!).


You’d hope so but after my experience of getting mini 1 up to date on 9.3.5 and having it turn into a slug… not risking it. Its fine as it is.


Love the new Screen Recorder, made a short little demo video of it here!


Have been using it for ages on my iPad Air 2, no regrets. YMMV.


I’m installing it on my iPhone 7 now and I’m downloading it on my iPad Mini 4 so I guess I’ll see how it runs :slight_smile:


Thats the kind of thing I’ve been waiting to hear about. Also about iPhone 6, I’ve warned friends not to update just yet. and crikey, is watchOS4 slow to install or what!! I started the process around 6am (the download and install) and its now 2.5 hours later and still not finished. about 1/3 of the install still to go


I’d not install it on iPhone 6/6+/5s quite yet, I find the .1 releases tend to be a bit more optimised for older hardware.


The most annoying thing is ARKit apps won’t work on the Air 2. I’d love to know if this is because it simply can’t cope, or if Apple are forcing us to upgrade arbitrarily.


I’ve lost an icon/app from my main tray… not sure what it was and it’s breaking my brain as I try to work it out. Something I don’t really need apparently :stuck_out_tongue: Before there was four, now only three!

What’s gone in iOS 11?


All of your old 32-bit apps, for a start. However, they’ll reappear if they get updated to support iOS 11 by the developer.


Anyone find the background for notifications is annoying as it uses the same wallpaper as the lock screen? Or is it just me :sweat_smile:


Notifications here are on a white background…


I went through and deleted all those recently so it can’t be that. I’ve gone through my camera roll hoping for a rouge screen shot (which happens from time to time) but no joy there either.


Good idea. Just took a screenshot as I’m about to start the update!


I worked it out!

It’s the videos app which is gone and looks like it’s been rolled into TV, although at first glance it’s very different and a little confusing. I’ll have to play with it more.


What’s with the TV app?

What’s it actually for? None of my iTunes TV series come up in it…


Never mind… they are showing now.

It was probably my slow internet connection delaying things.


There is a thread over here for that app:

But from what I gather your purchases should be showing. I have two movies which were purchased through iTunes (freebies at some point in time) and they both show along side the two movies I have manually loaded myself.


Just installed on my 5s. I’ve got a medium size font and on the unlock screen the date display doesn’t fit.