iOS 11 is out



That’s the one gesture I’ve only ever triggered accidentally.


I’ve had it visible on my TV since last night. as of today, still nothing. I thought it was supposed to pull from Local TV, I have all the catchup apps on board, and I have bought one TV series. Nothing is showing. Giving me the irrits. I’ve even rebooted but nothing.


My experience is that its barely worth it on iPhones and it introduces some stupid behaviour for control centre with the Wifi and Bluetooth controls.

For only the second time ever I’m not updating at least for the short term, as the performance and battery life degradation isn’t worth it on my iPhone. On my iPad, I can’t deal with jittering on the lovely 120hz screen.


I agree with Oldmacs. So far, no obvious improvements and a few issues for me. :confused:

I was really looking forward to the iCloud messages storage but that was bumped for now to a later release.

Edit: Yes, I should clarify I meant just on iPhone. I don’t have an iPad anymore.


Don’t get me wrong, the iOS 11 improvements for the iPad are great (though split screen apps are difficult to setup) but yeah on the iPhone besides some design backwards steps, there isn’t much there.


It’s going surprisingly OK on my iPhone 6. No slower anecdotally than ios10 has been in the last few months, and possibly a bit faster.

I also did my watch and updated that to OS 4, which took forever to download in comparison to iOS 11, and then made the watch super slow for a while after installation. Seems to have worked itself out now though.

So far so good. The main benefits of iOS 11 are on the iPad for me. Once I worked out how to use the split screen view again, and with the better file management, I’ll be able to use it as my main computer for short trips without having to take my laptop.


Keen to hear your thoughts on this in a few days. I’m holding off upgrading my Series 0 for now. Battery has been getting noticeably worse over last few weeks… :angry: I wonder if I can pay to get it replaced…


I’ll let you know. Mine is a series 2 though.


My series 1 is pretty snappy. No real issues. Phone (6S) is OK as well, havent got round to updating the ipads yet.


Cheers. Series 0 has a slower processor than Series 1 though… :crossed_fingers:


I didn’t even know it was a gesture.


I’m running watchOS 4 on my Series 0 and it’s great. No discernible difference between the previous OS version.


How’s everyone’s Watch battery life? I’d been getting two days (a bit more, really) out of mine, and I think that may have taken a bit of a hit.

I’ve now updated iPad Air2 and Mini4 and its all good, no appreciable difference in either except of course those things which have changed. Both still working well and not slowed down that I can notice. I have not updated my 5S which is still in use from time to time. I probably won’t.


I’ve noticed taping the button now has group of windows that scroll up and down rather than left to right… otherwise, pretty much the same :stuck_out_tongue:


iOS 11 performance on my 6+ is terrible, seriously considering downgrading back to 10 as it was a lot faster and smoother.


Mine has been about the same as before. A little stuttery here and there, but mostly fine.


I’ve been using iOS11 on my iPhone 7 (works great) and on my iPad Mini 4 long enough that I’ve noticed that my Mini 4 is no longer as responsive as it was. It’s still usable, no question about that but the snappiness is gone. It feels like the hardware is running hard or near max capacity. A bit disappointing given there still isn’t a mini update available.


I wonder if we can still downgrade the mini 4. Must try. Downloading firmware now. Seems like the fw for the mini 4 and air 2 is the same file.

I’m considering the downgrade for only one reason and that is the app store. Its even more restrictive than it was. Who can remember that once, when you’d look at a category, you could see all the apps in that category, not just the few which are “popular” or which Apple deems appropriate or proper. Seriously I am getting really fed up. Seems like now, you have a minimal selection of apps in a category and I cant even see how to see all the categories. Just the 6 which are most “popular”. Please, if there is some way to see everything, instead of a subset of a subset, enlighten me now before I downgrade everything.

For the first time in ages, I am seriously considering abandoning the ipads, iphone and my watch, much as I love it. With every new “upgrade” our capacity to just browse stuff is more limited. Search, you say? What if you just want to see whats there… what if you dont know what you want? Honestly, its too much. /whine.


I updated my iPad Pro 12.9" to iOS11 and it runs very well. I do love the split screen and drag & drop and the new markup features. I had to sign an emailed attachment yesterday so used these features for this and found it worked seamlessly.

I personally like the new Control Centre though the one screen approach is going back to iOS 9, I was never a fan of the multi-screen version in iOS10. I also find though that it makes my iPhone 6 Plus run noticeably slower than iOS 10. Even after a fresh install.