iOS 11 is out


You can downgrade I think until Apple stops signing 10.3.3 :slight_smile:

Both my iPad Pro 10.5 and iPhone SE are running fresh installs (very fresh for the iPhone and fairly so for the iPad) of 10.3.3.

I downgraded due to the buggyness, performance degradation and the god awful control centre wifi and Bluetooth behaviour. I anticpate upgrading the iPad when apple sorts the performance out. Not too sure with the iPhone though.


I did the mini4, but havent yet done the ipad or phone, both of which have apps with data which wont necessarily transfer over. I’ll leave them, they dont seem to be suffering.


Downgrading is not an option as I don’t want to lose my progress in 4pics 1word (level 1015) and I don’t have a backup prior to updating to iOS 11 - I’ll just suck it up and see how it goes


Not really an issue for you, you’ll also lose this progress when you switch to Android and Windows


Thank you for your constructive and useful input :disappointed:

I may have been a little out of line with recent comments/posts - have had my mind in a bad place of late


All seems well on my iPhone SE and iPad Air 2 and I haven’t really noticed any slow downs on either. The change to the Bluetooth button in Control Centre didn’t immediately appeal, but I see why they’ve done it. When your flagship earbud product requires Bt, it makes some sense. As long as they tell us about it, which they did. I like that the Control Centre is somewhat customisable now too.


Thanks, upgrading everything now - seems to be ok. The AppleTV OS has also updated too. Not sure I like that interface.


I’m loving every bit of iOS 11, even on my old iPhone 6. Screenshots has got to be my favourite feature on the phone, while the new multitasking on iPad is a real productivity booster for me and so is tap for notes since I use my iPad as a notepad at work.


I think it’s less useful on the iPad Mini, partly because of the lack of screen size but also because the mini 4 has a slower processor than the Air 2 (let alone the iPad 2017).


Yeah I don’t doubt it, it’d be like having two iPhones side by side - not enough breathing room.

Still, even on the mini, the slide over would be handy (I put my messages app there) and same with being able to slide up to a dock of apps. I guess it depends on your use case.


That function is useful I agree.

I didn’t mean to imply the update was all bad, I just think it’s less good on the mini than on larger iPads.


I’ve loaded ios11 on my 5s. When I go into unread mail, the “next unread” icon no longer works. Anyone else having this issue?



I found the app browser that I could not find before. Its just buried at about the fourth layer of “see more” or “see all”. Anyway, its all good. Happy now.

[edit] No I’m not. Has anyone else noticed that our social network logins have been dumped? Now we have to have the official apps on board in order to post from a website to wherever. I didnt mind Flickr going, and Vimeo, but I often post news articles to facebook from the site (commonly SBS) and now I cant. I may yet downgrade, after all. I HATE the facebook app, its not up to scratch.


I’ve been putting up with this since iOS 9 on my 6 so… nothing new :man_shrugging:t2:

The 6 is the last iPhone to be hamstrung so soon after it’s release. The 6s was going strong on iOS 10


Anyway it’s a solid little update for iPhone, it’s really one of those “oh they finally fixed/changed/added/removed that’ updates.

But why the hell did they remove in-app Spotlight access (the cute little semi-swipe-down from the top of the screen). Now I have to open cover sheet (which doesn’t remember the page I was on) swipe right to the widgets, wait for the laggy animations to finish, wait for the widgets to load, then tap the Spotlight bar.

5+ seconds in iOS 11 instead of 1 in iOS 10?


One thing I’m not liking at all is the new control panel swipe up on my iPad.

It’s cluttered with all this crap that I’ll never use, the only things I ever use are the brightness and the orientation lock.

It’s supposed to be able to be somewhat customized so I guess I’ll have to read up and see how much unneeded stuff I can get rid of.


Settings / Control Centre / Customise Controls / Then hit the ‘-’ sign beside an item you want to remove and tap “remove”


I’ve been using it on iPad Pro and iPhone 7+ since public beta 3. It’s come a long way since then. I have to say it’s a really great update for the iPad, but the iPhone needs some getting used to. I’m largely comfortable with most of the changes now, including aesthetic, but I can understand if people find iOS 11 polarising. It’s almost as big a leap as iOS 7 was when skeuomorphism went away.

I use a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro at work, usually about 60/40% with the iPad being the 60%. iOS 11 has hugely improved my workflow. The dock and drag/drop is a welcome feature after so long of neutered multitasking. The app switcher including Control Centre is a huge improvement. All in all the iPad Pro has super smooth performance too.

Now all they need to do is reintroduce the force-touch app switcher on the iPhone and I’ll be very happy with it all.


Thanks for that, a couple of things are gone but I can’t figure out how to delete ‘Music’ which is a huge 4 square annoying waste of space.


You can’t.