iOS 11 is out


Thanks… I was coming to that conclusion.


So after a few days, battery life is much the same. I go to bed with about 55-70% charge left, depending on what I’ve done that day (eg it’s lower if I’ve gone for a run and used the GPS), and how long I’ve been up for!

The updated swimming activity is good, it needs refinements though. It managed to pick out the different sets, but the timing is a bit off, it said I had a rest of a negative figure for one of them. The single most annoying thing for me is the activity app which no longer shows the current hour as darker in the stand graph if you haven’t yet moved. I often used to have a look to see whether it had registered that hour or not, and you can’t easily tell anymore at a glance. (Got to close those rings!!!)


After a few days iOS 11 appears to have settled down on my 6+ - either that or I’m getting used to it. But still unconvinced about the new control centre.


I was doing a fill in on PBS in Melbourne yesterday and noticed my Notes app in iOS 11 would scroll to the end of a note if you changed orientation from portrait to landscape, which is really annoying when you use Notes for a playlist and you start to back-announce tracks and then all of a sudden the note scrolls to the end, so you have to quickly scroll back to the correct spot. I suppose its a ‘first world problem’ but still a bit annoying.


I installed it on my iPhone 6+ and it practically bricked it. Things were so slow. Black random screens. Oh and texts from the past started flooding in. Like 50+ texts from up to a year ago. Also the keyboard started adding random characters.

Does apple do this on purpose? Why let people do this to their phone.

Now how do I downgrade???


Its too late now. There was a window of a few days after release that downgrades could happen but that is long gone. Maybe try doing a backup and then a restore and set up as a new phone, so you will have it clean instead of carrying on any dross you may have gathered over a few installations. Might help.


Lenman, have a look at the following article about upgrades of older iPhones.

What you need to know about iOS updates

I also suggest a backup then clean install. Its a pain, but if this is the first time since new, your 6+ has probably accumulated a lot of crap.

There are a lot of sites that give advice on how to improve iPhone performance. I found that restricting background processing only to those apps that really need it made a big improvement for me. Deleting the Facebook app and accessing Facebook via Safari also helped a lot.


Thanks. I ended up buying a new iphone 8 plus. Ive restored the old one and hope I can sell it now. Many thanks for your help


I just managed to accidentally update my iPad Pro 10.5. I have to marvel that Apple could possibly code an OS that has jittery animations on hardware that is supposedly better than half the Mac lineup.