iOS 12 experts please?


Is there any way to shut off the notification when you have DND enabled. Its really pissing me off. I have DND on a lot and its usually manually enabled and I do not need to be told about it every time I unlock the phone!!


Nah, but you’ll get used to it.


GAHHHHHH! Its a pain.


Hi Kyte, you can’t get rid of it, but what you can do is when you see the DND notification on your lock screen, swipe left and choose CLEAR, that will make it disappear for the remainder of the time you have it turned on. Unfortunately when you reactivate DND you have to do this again.

Just had a look through Settings and can’t see a way of disabling permanently. Sorry.


Yeah I’m getting that you cant get rid of it. What an idiotic decision. Anyway… I will, indeed, get used to it, by ignoring it completely.


Possibly fill a complaint form with Apple - its probably annoying more than just you so maybe they’ll make it an option in the future?


Had not seen any other complaints… and its not really a complaint so much as an irritation. I can see a value in it for those who might forget to switch it off, and thus not receive calls.


An iOS 12 irritation from me: the order/position/whatever of the 123ABC and emoji keys are swapped between portrait and landscape keyboards. I am sure this wasn’t the case on iOS 11.4.1


Just saw this now, I had already started a thread.


Another annoyance: I hd downgraded iTUnes so I could continue to keep apps on my computer. However, in trying to do a restore on my SE… nope… have to have 12.8.x itunes or it cant be done. Getting seriously sick of it.