iOS 12 - I'm excited


Anyone else find that sometimes its the smaller iOS updates that add a raft of really new and useful features?

iOS 5, iOS 8 and it looks like 12 have been amongst my favourites, not because they’ve changed everything but they’ve done things I’ve never thought of myself to make things easier.

Amongst my favourites announced:

  • Group FaceTime
  • Better battery monitoring
  • Screen time
  • Measure app
  • Better notifications control
  • FINALLY flexible do not disturb
  • Siri shortcuts will be awesome
  • Voice memos on iPad and in the cloud
  • Autofill SMS security codes

I’m sure I’ll find more when its released as well :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to the Password API and the autofill SMS codes, those two things will make life a lot easier. Also looking forward to the password stuff on tvOS.

I like the idea of multiple Face ID profiles too for when you want someone else to be able to use your phone, or for when your drag getup fools the sensor.


I’m excited to be able to use Google Maps and Waze in CarPlay. :slight_smile:


The standouts for me too. The biggest niggle with 1Password on iOS is the lack of integration (kudos to them for making share sheets work, but having a proper API should make things heaps more gooder)


If 1Password gets better I’ll be very happy as it’s awesome already. Waze in CarPlay is a terrible idea (for my wallet)… that was one on the very few reason holding be back from investing in a new head unit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve still never really tried 1password because iCloud Keychain has been all I need… What am I missing out on??


I suppose I’ve never really used keychain because of my Windows legacy of Firefox and later Chrome. I do like that it remembers lots of my passwords now on iOS, but I’m still mostly in Chrome on the desktop (the iPhone being only casual browsing at best). 1Password bring 1 click login and management of 2FA to all the platforms.

My wife and I have long shared a common account, synced via dropbox, which means we both have access to all the things across all our devices. I’ve also got software licences, mail account details and other things stored in there.

It also highlights any services you have that were hit by things like Heartbleed or Watchtower that I haven’t yet changed the password for.

I was hesitant for a long while, but since giving away my soul I don’t know how I would go back! It’s so handy to go to some site and hit the login button only to find an account I signed up for 8 years ago that I signed up for!

While I have LOTS of old accounts with password are very short and insecure, all new ones are created using the password generator to make things I can barely type in let alone remember… but 1Password handles it all for me. Nice and unique and secure. Even for piddly little things I would have used the same generic password for once upon a time.

Now I’m sort of aware that keychain does lots of these things, but this is independent, cross platform and application. It just works for me.


That make sense - I’m almost purely Safari on Mac and iOS for all my personal stuff, which is probably why it works for me.

Ah yes that is useful - keychain doesn’t do that at all.

That makes a lot of sense, I forget how many people are cross platform, or use different web browsers etc.


Yup using Google Maps in Android Auto is a killer feature of my S9+. Now I just need Apple to let me use CarPlay as a standalone app on my phone like Android Auto does… or get a new head unit…which is more likely to be a new car at this point.


Yeah I wish CarPlay was a standalone app on an iPhone or iPad. I have a spare iPad that would be perfect for it.


As I tweeted at Casey Liss recently… :man_shrugging:

Also, CarPlay ROCKS. I love it. Along with my AirPods it’s one of my favourite recent Apple products!


Meh, I’m due for an upgrade once the warranty is out on my current car anyway.


I agree. I wouldn’t buy a car without CarPlay now. Like the way it integrates with an iPhone and Apple Watch. On long trips Audible books are great.


It’s actually something I check when looking for a new car, it’s either got CarPlay or will allow me to put one in myself


Check out the new Aliens trilogy from Audible - awesome. Just did the first 2, listening to the final one now.