iOS 12 keyboard change


I am yet to update but a friend has and is very angry about the change in keyboard layout. I hadn’t heard of this before. Anyone know much about this?

iOS 12 experts please?


I use a 3rd party keyboard, but this does seem like a pretty dumb change to the stock keyboard. Can’t see what the benefit is?


All I can say is… it’s bloody annoying.

I use the number button a lot and I tap it without looking at the location but now… I get the emoji button instead. I expect I’ll get used to the change eventually but in the interim it’s painful.


Me too. Very annoying. Why did they do this?!! I think there’s a way to revert to the old layout which I must find in google again!


I mentioned the change to a friend who had upgraded and his keyboard looked the same as it did on iOS 11. I imagine if I ask him what he did or did not do he wouldn’t have a clue “I dunno, I just upgraded.” I think it was an iPhone SE if that makes any difference.


As I don’t use emojis, I deleted the emoji keyboard in Settings/Keyboard - problem solved !




Yep I find it annoying. My iPad keyboard also, if you accidentally hit the emoji key, and then try to go back will first throw you to the handwriting stylus pad, before a second tap finally gets back to the keyboard.
Slowly getting used to the new layout, but why change in the first place? Does whoever controls the layout like emojis that much?


Awesome. Just went in there and discovered you can change the order! So now if I tap the world key on the keypad it goes straight to stylus, then emoji, then keypad. thanks!


Is the keyboard change only on iPad?


More info pls Entropy. I’m on iOS 11 (iPhone). I can change the order in Settings but it doesn’t actually change the order. I always have 123 on the left and smiley on its right.


iOS 12.0.1 is out and fixes the iPad keyboard


No, the keys are still in the same place. I have reordered it so when you first tap on the world it goes to stylus keyboard rather than emojis. I usually want the stylus keyboard, and despise emojis.

So this is more functionally useful to me than emoji first.
I would prefer though, that the key order was the iOS eleven keyboard. You would probably have to download a different keyboard from the AppStore to go back to something like the ios11 keyboard.

Edit: thanks Kerr!


Information from Apple regards 12.01 says the old position has been restored. You might need to delete the stylus keyboard and then turn it on again, just a guess, don’t know if this will work.
As I don’t use emojis I’m leaving mine with no extra key


OMG the iOS 12.01 keyboard is soooo much better!

Why was it changed in the first place I wonder?