iOS 12 Mail notifications not working


Since upgrading to iOS 12 and my iPhone XS Max I have noticed that I am not getting an alert when a new email arrives. The notification appears on my screen but I don’t get any noise or vibration, and it’s really annoying. All the settings are correct, notifications, sounds, etc are on.

Any advice?


Are you wearing an Apple Watch by chance?




I have a similar issue from time to time I get alerts, get the alert sounds but no pop ups on the screen. Has only happened since iOS 12, I’ve checked and reset all of the alert settings but the alert banners are still randomly not showing.


My experience is that if you’ve got an Apple Watch on the iPhone doesn’t make notification sounds unless you’re using it at the time.

Take your watch off and send yourself an email and see if you get a notification on the iPhone.


Yep, got the sound on my iPhone when I took off my watch. That’s annoying!


Just bumping this - I have noticed that sometimes I am also not getting text message notifications. The whole issue is really frustrating because often times I will pick up my phone and discover a few notifications on my lock screen that I had no idea about.


I’m getting this too and I don’t have an Apple Watch, personally I’m just finding iOS 12 a complete pain - especially with regard to inconsistent reminders/alerts - sometimes they popup, sometimes they don’t, sometimes I get an audio alert for the item, other times I don’t, other times several play at once and mix together to make a horrible noise.
I’m almost at the factory reset stage! (I better try that before I throw the phone against the wall in anger!)