iOS 12 Public Beta info/bug thread


10 mins or so to download to each device, another 10 mins or so to install and reboot back to the home screen. Smooth sailing so far, other than a folder that got messed up and I had to put all the 10 or so apps back into it.


Can confirm, definitely smoother scrolling and transition animations and it’s nice to see the keyboard animations keep up with my typing for the first time in a while on this device.


Yep, something I didn’t realise until I read about it and went dur…

Developers can’t use APIs that aren’t public … so probably not going to work until after September. But I can dream.

Bug 1: my AirPods didn’t pause when I took them out tonight while listening to Overcast. It dropped the Bluetooth connection when I dropped them back in the case and started playing out the phone speaker :frowning:


Bug #2: My phone was completely unresponsive this morning. It opened fine, then sort of locked up, then it decided Downtime was activated (so maybe it was just springboard being all confused) then I went into setting to turn it off… then I got the little spinning wheel thing… Then it started working fine. Best guess is that Downtime is the culprit here.

On a side note, I learnt this morning that you don’t hard reset an iPhone 8 Plus by holding the power and home buttons anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Something I apparently haven’t needed since getting it in September '17.

For those who also didn’t know, for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus this is the new procedure:

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
Press and hold the Power Button until you see the Apple logo.


Both iOS betas, and Mojave beta, all installed and running smoothly so far. Haven’t run into any app compatibility issues on macOS. My tweaks seem to still be working (e.g. BetterTouchTool and Bartender). Dark Mode is rad but not really a daytime thing, I’ll play around with it tonight and I’m sure i’ll feel better about it. No issues with iOS at all, iPad Pro and iPhone X both rock solid.


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My battery life is pretty terrible as I expected and getting lag opening folders, so I’m going to downgrade for the moment. It is a very good beta especially for such an early one!!


I’m not sure if my battery life is worse, but lately I have noticed I am getting through 20% of the battery on the commute to work. My best guess is that I’ve been watching video on my phone that’s definitely not optimised for the iPhone. Something to keep an eye on for sure. For me it’s not a huge issue since the phone spends half it’s day on a wireless charger monday to friday so get topped up and on the weekends I hope to be using it less anyway.


I just noticed that the updated Books app (which is stellar by the way) won’t sync anything to MacOS 10.13. Makes sense, but something to be aware of if you cross-read between Mac and iOS. You’ll need the Mojave public beta to get it working.


The one thing I have noticed with the iOS 12 Public Beta is that battery usage is astronomical. I went thru 20% of battery in under 2 minutes…


So many brave souls ITT - I use my devices for work too much to try it!


I do too - I haven’t encountered a single bug since I installed it.


So far the bugs I’ve encountered is with the App store updates. Once it showed that updates were available for every app. Fixed by restarting. Another time the app store would not load, tried for 20 minutes, then restarted and it loaded OK

Sometimes the hardware volume controls work in reverse for a non-apple music system I’m also beta testing.


Installed it on my main device… So far no major issues other than my screen won’t stop flickering when I unlock it! Happens 2 out of 5 times. It’ll stop once i press home button, but still :weary:


Thats the main reason I downgraded. It was pretty good otherwise.


Whats stellar about it? I’ve found Apple’s Books apps to be less than useful for how I read. I want control over margin size, and much more control over fonts… any of that?


No, it’s the same controls for font selection and sizing, and no control over margins. The improvements to the UI of the app itself is what I’m pleased about,


Oooh, it does look quite nice :slight_smile:


Beta 2 was waiting for me this morning, so far it feels much the same, will see how that goes.


I’ve got a badge stuck on the setting app now for no apparent reason.