iOS 12 Public Beta info/bug thread


So many brave souls ITT - I use my devices for work too much to try it!


I do too - I haven’t encountered a single bug since I installed it.


So far the bugs I’ve encountered is with the App store updates. Once it showed that updates were available for every app. Fixed by restarting. Another time the app store would not load, tried for 20 minutes, then restarted and it loaded OK

Sometimes the hardware volume controls work in reverse for a non-apple music system I’m also beta testing.


Installed it on my main device… So far no major issues other than my screen won’t stop flickering when I unlock it! Happens 2 out of 5 times. It’ll stop once i press home button, but still :weary:


Thats the main reason I downgraded. It was pretty good otherwise.


Whats stellar about it? I’ve found Apple’s Books apps to be less than useful for how I read. I want control over margin size, and much more control over fonts… any of that?


No, it’s the same controls for font selection and sizing, and no control over margins. The improvements to the UI of the app itself is what I’m pleased about,


Oooh, it does look quite nice :slight_smile:


Beta 2 was waiting for me this morning, so far it feels much the same, will see how that goes.


I’ve got a badge stuck on the setting app now for no apparent reason.


I barely just installed IOS 11 on my 5S. I’m not going near this for a while yet.


Same experience for me.


Beta 2 working nicely on my X and MBP.


I’m aware there is a watchOS but I’m getting “cannot connect to Apple Watch” messages and reboots aren’t fixing it. Anyone else seeing this issue?


Hawk I’m getting the same issue. I can’t update my Apple Watch. I’ve also noticed that text messages received by my watch shows the person’s phone number instead of their name while my iPhone shows their name.


I’ve been reading around and it seems both of these issues are known


As you might have heard, iOS 12 brings the cursor-movement/keyboard-trackpad mode to non-3D Touch devices by letting you hold down the space bar to enter the mode.

There are a few differences, though.

Long press spacebar cursor mode:

  • has no haptic on activation (at least on my iPhone X)
  • has no way of activating the subsequent text-selection mode (that I could seem to activate)

3D Touch cursor mode:

  • still has the haptic on activation that it had in previous iOS versions
  • still has the harder-press-for-selection-mode that it had previously
  • may have a new way of activating selection mode that’s like a double-tap without lifting your finger off the screen from the original 3D Touch to activate the mode (this may have been present in previous versions, but I always used the harder-press method)


I so wish they’d let you pair a mouse to your ipad. It’s such a no brainer. The pencil is great and all, but it’s not very practical when you’re trying to do typing, data entry etc.


I kind of do too, but I also kind of don’t. To see what Affinity came up with for gestures in Affinity Designer is nothing short of amazing. I wonder if mouse support was there if developers just wouldn’t bother with thoughtful touch optimisation. I feel like it’s a case of be careful what you wish for.


I’m on the public beta of iOS 12 and now have the iOS 12 GM installed, am I right in saying that I should be removing the beta profile now?