iOS 13, macOS Catalina, iPad OS public betas now available!

The public betas for iOS 13, iPad OS and macOS Catalina dropped this morning.

I’m running iOS 13 on my XS Max and it’s been great so far for the last couple of hours I’ve been using it. No noticeable bugs!

Oooh yeah. Time to try out dosdude1’s Catalina patcher.

Anyone found any show-stoppers in iOS 13?

Nope, been using it all day and the only thing I’ve found is that dark mode didn’t activate automatically at sunset like I had set it to.

Apart from that everything’s been as stable as iOS 12 was.

iPad OS is really very good too - and the opening up of the Files app is excellent.

Overall all the little tweaks here and there (in iOS and iPadOS are very welcome.)

It feels like there’s more effort being put into game centre

As far as I remember you couldn’t add friends or manage much of that for a long time now, and the effort put into the avatar and such. I like it, I was always a fan of game centre so it’s good to see

The avatar in the login notification banner is a nice touch, with a neat little animation changing from the game centre logo to your avatar

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iPad OS has me quite intrigued, but I’ll have to see if my son’s school is happy for it to be used before upgrading his iPad… and my iPad has been sitting in a snap lock bag somewhere for 18 months with a broken screen. :}

iPadOS 13 looks quite good - tried it on my Pro 10.5, but it is quite buggy so I downgraded. Look forward to trying it again a bit later when things are a bit smoother :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for it to officially launch…

The changes to carplay in iOS13 look like a big improvement