iOS 14 (discussion)

I like it!.. except it doesn’t seem to show for me yet for Gmail, but does for Chrome… strange. Maybe that particular app has not updated yet for some reason.

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Same thing here The_Hawk, just Chrome not GMail,

A weird thing I’ve found, in relation to some of these updates for apps not showing up even though they’re “out”, is that the App Store won’t show them as having an update available, in the available updates section when you tap on your account. The search page won’t show that the app you have installed has an update available. But if you tap into the app-specific page, that will tell you that there’s an update available. Has happened for a few of these iOS 14 updates, and I’m not really sure why.

(Note some of the above may be incorrect as I almost never use the App Store on my device.)


I saw there was an update for Gmail overnight and I installed it this morning. Search for Gmail in the App Store app, see if it says there’s an update available. Alternatively, open Gmail, go to Settings and look at the version. The latest is 6.0.200825. The previous two updates were 6.0.200824 (6d ago) and 6.0.200810 (3w ago).

Did anyone else notice that their Mac addresses changed on Apple Watch, iOS and probably MacOS too after installing iOS 14?

Such a PITA for my carefully curated IP addresses considering just how many iOS devices I have!

My current Gmail version is 6.0.200810, I’m updating now…

OK updated and I can set Gmail as the default app now.

Thanks keer :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but you can turn it off. Provided you knew about it as a thing in the first place :wink:

Playing around with iOS 14 Compact Calls:

  1. screen locked - incoming call is in full screen mode
  2. screen unlocked - incoming call is in compact mode
    2a. select caller name - call is accepted and continues in full screen mode
    2b. select red button- call is cancelled
    2c. select green button - call is accepted and continues in compact mode
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Just noticed something. You can set the default mail app from Settings - Mail - Default Mail App, you do not have to go into the settings of your desired 3rd party mail app.

But for default browser, you must set that within the settings of your chosen browser, such as Chrome, there is no option within Settings - Safari.

So I’m pretty happy with that. It would have been good however if Apple added the ability to search for these settings.

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Don’t forget this awesome (and long overdue) little feature in iOS 14, you can now add captions to your photos. Open your Photos app, select any photo, swipe up to reveal “Add a Caption”.

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