iOS devices faster than macOS devices



MacRumors says that AnandTech says:

Apple’s [A12; iPhone etc] CPU have gotten so performant now, that we’re just margins off the best desktop CPUs; it will be interesting to see how the coming years evolve, and what this means for Apple’s non-mobile products.

Ever since the PDA arrived, whether you’re thinking of the early bricks from the 1980’s, or the device that birthed the PDA name - Apple’s Newton MessagePad - in the early 90’s, and on into the new smartphone era, these handheld devices have always - in computing power - played second fiddle to their big brothers - laptop and desktop computers.

I honestly never imagined the day that a handheld device would boast better performance than a desktop computer. Foolish, I know, given the paradigm shift that the smartphone ignited; but I just always assumed desktops would remain the device for serious users - the work horse - and smartphones would be the tool for - well, Facebook n making calls n games n stuff. This statement by AnandTech really highlights how short sighted I’ve been in that regard.

When the day arrives in which your phone is performs better than your “computer”, then really what is the point of a desktop? At the moment - a bigger screen, better input options, and a much more advanced - err, much more user malleable OS.

Again I just ultimately see all of this heading toward the end of Mac… (Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… but definitely on the horizon…




I’d really like to see the testing methods used because as fast as an A12 is I really see it being “within margins” of a Ryzen Threadripper. The A12 simply doesn’t have enough cores IMHO.


The quotes from MacRumors (and, I’m too lazy thus far to read the original article :slight_smile: ) don’t state what desktop/s the statement relate to…

My own assumption was that it meant either modern Macs, or your average mass market PC.


There are ‘modern macs’ and then there are high end Mac Pros just as there are boring mass market PCs and high end multi core ‘real PCs’ :wink:

I love my macs but my gaming machines have always been custom built high end PCs with cooled multi core CPUs and high end grapics cards.

My statement related more to gaming power than more err… boring uses.