iOS photo handling - does Camera store RAW data?


I’ve just been looking at new camera apps and noticed again that some of them do RAW. Does the Camera app store RAW and just output jpegs, or does it only keep jpegs? If the RAW data is kept, how does one access it?

Asking because I would love to get my hands on the RAW files of some of my older shots if I could.


The built-in camera app doesn’t capture RAWs, so unless the shots were taken with another app that does, you might be out of luck. And I’m pretty sure RAW support is an iOS 10+ thing.


Thanks Benny. I’m pretty sure it gets captured - RAW data being the digitised version of what comes off the sensor - but I’m wondering if it gets stored or just discarded. Guessing it’s the latter.


Eep, yeah, I probably should have written doesn’t “store” RAWs.


The two ACDSee Pro apps do RAW, so does Halide that was mentioned in yesterday’s news. Many more, I guess. Sadly anything already taken by the default camera app wont be RAW editable.


Yeah, I just bought Halide. Haven’t had time to check it out much yet, but it looks good.