iPhone 11 Pro max

I have recently scored a new iPhone 11 pro max. Nice slick unit. :grinning:

My question/puzzement is about the Quick Charging feature.
Some users say they hear the charge tone twice while others do not hear the double tone.

I’m in the later crew where no double tone is heard regardless of what
% the charging starts.

Any thoughts, experiences or links for info on this?


Video suggests 1 chime for Apple charger, 2 chimes for some 3rd party chargers

Thanks for responding.
I have looked at that test and have a third party and Apple charger, only one chime so far!!!

Still working on it.

I do like the uptime for this battery. :+1:


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I only get the double chime when charging from a USB-C PD charger with a genuine USB-C to lightning cable or an Anker USC-C to lightning cable.

My chargers are a Nekteck USB-C car charger and Apple USB-C wall charger(s)

Thanks for your input. :+1:
Seems like like dual charge sound is limited to a narrow set of rules.