iPhone 6 Review: The Goldilocks of iPhones

When Phil Schiller stepped on stage and showed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the world, I was ready. I had been using an Android smartphone for the past few months, and while it wasn’t downright horrible, I missed a lot of the iOS experience: the apps, the simplicity, and all the new features coming as part of…

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My sister got a 6 and I was lucky enough to play with it. It’s an amazing looking and feeling phone - I found it even more comfortable than the iPhone 3G design. I didn’t find it slippery to hold at all and neither does my sister and to me it’s a lot less slippery to hold than the 5s is.

I can’t decide between 6 and 6+ for myself. I think I’d have trouble with my pockets with the 6+. I’m waiting for Apple Pay to come to Australia before I splurge so by the time that happens it’ll probably be better to wait until the next generation.

I must be in a minority camp here - I prefer the bands on the 6 design better than the glass strips on the 5 and 5s. When I saw the stripes on the 5 when it was launched I knew straight away I wasn’t interested in owning it. But to me the back of the 6 looks quite nice. Sure it’d be better if they didn’t exist, but I’m not repelled like I was with the 5.

Having said that, I’ve been lucky enough to inherit my sister’s old 5s and I’m like a pig in shit. I bought a black leather case from Apple for it and it’s sweet as - and black (no more regrettable white for me!).

The extensions in iOS 8 are a game changer for me. 1Password with touch ID is perfect, I love saving things quickly with Pocket and just this morning I see they’ve released Awesome Screenshot so now I can take full website screenshots using iOS. It makes me very happy indeed.

I think we’ll see some good things come out of widgets as developers update their apps. What they’ve done for GTD apps seems very useful, but I’d love to see them for YNAB and a local one for Brisbane transport timetables (I notice Melbourne has one that does that already).

@bennyling - great write up and I’m jealous of your 6.

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Another thing to note re: antenna bands is that they’re lighter than the glass windows that were on the 5/5s.

I got the 6 Plus and it still feels a bit big… but I LOVE the screen real-estate and really am just waiting for app developers to make use of all that glorious space. While it’s still still feels pretty big to carry around and especially to hold up and use as a phone (although most of the time I’m in the car or have a headset on) i picked up my wife’s iPhone 5S in it’s big arse Otterbox case and it actually feels sort of tiny :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I would have been too disappointed with the iPhone 6, but the Plus would still be my phone of choice.