iPhone 7 Plus home button unresponsive

Anyone have experience with an iPhone 7 home button not functioning?

It just gave out (no cracks). The sensitivity of the button had been inconsistent for a few weeks (reading one touch as double or triple touches, etc). I have had to enable assistive touch to be able to use the phone.

This is both Touch ID and the home button. There is no response and no haptic feedback

Anyone had this repair undertaken? Is this costly and/both worth it?

From the limited detail I could find on Apple’s website, repair costs might be more than I paid for the (used) phone about 4 months ago

You could try a hard reset of the phone, if the problem is still there after that then you’re unfortunately up for a repair.

How old is the iPhone 7?

I’d check the build date here as that could tell you if it’s less than 2 years old (and thus under ACL). Otherwise no harm calling an Apple reseller (i.e. My Mac CBD) to ask if it’s less than 2 years old. They can check the SN on their system as an authorised service provider.

Thanks for the link. December 2016