iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X Launch


I thought I’d make this topic for people to talk about their experiences lining up this year.

Are any of you in line already?


I’m currently in bed, about to to shower. Then I’ll drive to Knifepoint to pick up my Watch.

Never picked up on launch day before, always had delivery. Be interesting to see how this goes.


I called my local store out of curiosity right after 8am, they told me there was no line. Everyone is waiting on that X, myself included


I wonder if that will help the news media to announce that Android is selling better than the new iPhone for the next month or so :stuck_out_tongue:


With online ordering/reservations, Lines appear to be a thing of the past. Sure you get people lining up at Apple 5th Avenue but I’m not sure why they actually do it any more.

I reckon the X is gonna be mayhem though.

I’ll go take a look at the 8 at JB or Telstra or Myer at lunch time, they usually all have one on display if you can get your hands on it.


They’ve been saying that for years but people still keep lining up always. Today is the exception because they’re releasing a better iPhone at the start of November.

As long as carriers have any stock on launch morning, people will line up.


Really? As a long time iPhone user I won’t touch the X - it is an abomination of design. Whoever thought of the god awful cut out/notch on the display should be shot.

Is SJ was still alive he’d be sacking people over it.


Let’s let the sales do the talking and see lol


I went to the Apple Store in Doncaster tonight to grab a set of AirPods to try out and there was lines setup out the front for people with pre-orders for pickup and a second line for people wanting to buy tonight. I didn’t even notice them at first because there was no one in them (about 7pm)… I asked the Apple guy what was going on and after he tells me I asked about stock to which he said they were short of watches (although still had some) but plenty of iPhones…

Either demand is way down (or availability way up) or people really are handing out for the X.


I would say it’s because people are hanging out for the X. Seems to be the general consensus.


Not much to report from my trip.

My reservation window was “12 to 12.30”, but I didn’t get out there until about 1pm. No one really cared about the time, so it seems the window is just an attempt to stop too many people coming in at once.

There were some barriers set up outside the store, but no one queueing up at the time. Did notice a trolley with drinks and snacks, which I guess were handed out to people in the queue.

Store itself was quite busy, but seemed to be more people there for the genius bar than anything else. Not a lot of interest in the iPhone, most people were looking at Watches.


It will be interesting to see the sales figures but I suspect that given the initial reactions from long time Apple fans/blogs etc. there are a lot of people who will not even consider it - especially given the extremely high price.


Be more specific Acelon1, are you referring to the iPhone 8 or X?

Because I wouldn’t call the iPhone 8 price as extremely high.

Also, judging from the online Apple store, iPhone 8’s are 1-2 weeks delivery for the 64GB model in Space Grey, so clearly somebody is buying them.


The iPhone X as per my earlier post


Got my 8 Plus yesterday at 11am. Loving it so far. Feels much snappier than my 7 Plus, and the glass back is much nicer to hold than the previous metal.


Yeah, agree, the glass back is far less Slippery