iPhone 8 Discussion


No i didn’t. The advertised price in the US is the price without tax. The tax is added at the point of sale.
I removed the AU GST to bring it to the equivalent.


The 256GB iPhone X is more than what I paid for my MBP 2017 256GB ($1.7k) last week! :scream:


I paid $1570 for my 7+ 256gb, which i thought was a lot at the time. $1830 is a decent jump from that.
It a couple of years iPhones will be 2k+ :sob:


For that kind of money, I’d better be able to run Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere in 4K with some kind of super intuitive and easy multi-touch interface.


A swing and a miss from Apple in my view - why the heck would you release devices that can be charged wirelessly and not release the wireless charging pad until the following year. I’m afraid there is only one word for that - pathetic, and on top of that the prices are ridiculous.

And then there is the fact that there is really nothing that I need from these new phones, they just have new features that are not must haves. Actually some of the features are IMHO just plain dumb especially the facial expression emoji rubbish.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get those damned kids off my lawn! :smiley:


The wireless charging uses the Qi standard, so you can go and buy any Qi charging pad and it will work fine.


So the X is the slightly better version, but you’re still getting the same CPU power out of the other ones (If I’m reading all of that correctly).

While I might have a preference for the ‘better’ one, I don’t think I would be disappointed by the non X model. That would definitely be different if it had a lower spec CPU…

For me, I think it’s going to come down to what the carriers are going to offer. Hopefully, they will list pricing (and maybe even pre orders) for the iPhone X along side the iPhone 8 price ASAP so I can decide to wait or just jump in now.

Poll: Which iPhone 8/X are you buying?

Interesting how they’ve gone back to stainless for the frame; strength I guess. I like the designs overall, but I’m not a big phone kinda guy so I’ll wait for the SE2/SSE.

I’m inclined to agree with Gruber that Apple have unique challenges with new tech - it’s not enough for something to be buildable, it has to buildable in vast quantities. That rules out things like OLED screens for all models at the moment given that Samsung makes most of the OLED screens and they’re kinda busy with them already. For Apple to be able to show off emerging tech, a phone that sells in lower volumes might be the only practical way.

I like that they’re pushing forward into a post home button world. It was a great UI element for a then new paradigm and now that everyone’s fluent with it, they’re moving forward again.

All the new models are thicker than previously and the X is the thickest of them. I think their main goal is much as it’s ever been - making what they believe to be the best possible gear.


I see the carriers have holding pages at the moment for the iPhone. Will be interesting to see who breaks pricing first. I haven’t noticed anyone offering any bundles with the Watch yet…


Are we talking about iPhone 8/Plus here? Voda’s plans are out: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/09/heres-vodafones-plan-pricing-for-the-apple-iphone-8-and-iphone-8-plus/


I just went to look at X pricing and none of them are available for pre-order. They’re all saying “currently unavailable”

Has that recently changed or was it always thus?


Was like that this morning (in the Apple Store app anyway). Can’t remember what it said on the website.


I didn’t see that one. I’ve never used Voda, but I do like the way they are doing their plans.

Full RRP divided by 12/24/36 months + Red Plan cost. Leave anytime by paying the remaining cost. Nice.

It pisses me off so much how Optus/Telstra structure their plans.

For example (using the Note 8 which is $1,499RRP)

$40 BYO SIM gives you 15GB of Data + unlimited everything else.

Outright phone - $1,499
Carrier Costs - 24 x $40 = $960
Total $2,459

Want a phone…

Now an $85 plan gives you 10GB data + unlimited everything else
Handset Payments are $20 / month
Total monthly is $105
105 x 24 months = $2,520

So yes it’s an interest-free loan (actually you pay a small premium in this case) which could be convenient, but it just makes all comparisons hard between carriers, hell even plans. If you wanted an S8+ the $85 plans apparently comes with 12GB data (and the phone is free!)… although in this case if you work the numbers it’s actually getting a small subsidy.
It’s a similar story for Telstra, I’ll probably put together some numbers comparing the plans when they all come out (although Voda needs no explanation and I like it!).

I suppose when they advertise it this way it allows the sales people to say “but the phone is only $20 / month” and given that most people will keep buying a new phone on a new plan forever they get away with it.


Have Optus or Telstra released pricing yet?


I’m guessing they want people to rush their decision to pre-order an iPhone rather than giving them time before the pre-order can be placed to make a sensible decision about their offerings…


Totally. And like my earlier post said, buying the iPhone through Optus has actually cost me more than keeping my current BYO SIM + outright purchase cost by $153 (over a 24 month period). The only benefit being that I haven’t had to find $1,479 upfront or finance it through a credit card (which works out about the same over the same period).


I see optus are now LEASING the iPhone to you, so if you want to keep it you have to pay Optus ‘fair market price’ or return it in perfect condition (or else pay up to $499 fee for damage)

Telstra is charging from $101 per month for a plan with only 2GB of data if you want to own outright the phone at the end of 24 months (for the 256GB iPhone 8).


They offer both, own or lease options. Lease saves you only about $10 / month so you’re far better off owning it at the end since it’s likely worth far far more than the $240 you save.

I do note that both personal and business plans default to lease rather than owning the phone so customers have to be on the ball to pick the owning option.


Looking for a case already for this one. Anyone has a recommendation for a good Leather case? Not the official one from Apple though


Why not the official one? I’ve had mine on my 6 Plus for three years and it’s still in pretty good nic compared to other cases I’ve seen.

For most people these days I reckon you should go to the cheap shop in your local mall, spend $20 then throw it out in 12 months and buy another one when it gets ratter. Probably cheaper than a ‘decent’ case. My wife loves Otterboxes but I have to say the last one we got has fallen apart in under 12 months and she’s back to using a cheapie again until we can find something she likes again. It was a Symmetry that fell apart although just like the defender cases she has had before it’s the rubber bits that stretch pretty badly over time (I’d recommend factoring in a replacement every 12 months).