iPhone 8 Discussion


I see optus are now LEASING the iPhone to you, so if you want to keep it you have to pay Optus ‘fair market price’ or return it in perfect condition (or else pay up to $499 fee for damage)

Telstra is charging from $101 per month for a plan with only 2GB of data if you want to own outright the phone at the end of 24 months (for the 256GB iPhone 8).


They offer both, own or lease options. Lease saves you only about $10 / month so you’re far better off owning it at the end since it’s likely worth far far more than the $240 you save.

I do note that both personal and business plans default to lease rather than owning the phone so customers have to be on the ball to pick the owning option.


Looking for a case already for this one. Anyone has a recommendation for a good Leather case? Not the official one from Apple though


Why not the official one? I’ve had mine on my 6 Plus for three years and it’s still in pretty good nic compared to other cases I’ve seen.

For most people these days I reckon you should go to the cheap shop in your local mall, spend $20 then throw it out in 12 months and buy another one when it gets ratter. Probably cheaper than a ‘decent’ case. My wife loves Otterboxes but I have to say the last one we got has fallen apart in under 12 months and she’s back to using a cheapie again until we can find something she likes again. It was a Symmetry that fell apart although just like the defender cases she has had before it’s the rubber bits that stretch pretty badly over time (I’d recommend factoring in a replacement every 12 months).