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So with the upcoming iPhone release we are about to see a whole pile of iPhones hitting the second hand market. So what are the old ones worth (give or take) these days?

I’m up for a new iPhone to replace my Wifes iPhone 6S 64GB and am considering taking the early upgrade on my iPhone 8 Plus 256GB if the new phone is attractive enough and/or the price differential is low enough.

For the 6S I could hold onto it as an iPod for one of the kids, for 8 Plus I have the option to hand it back to the carrier, but it would be nice to know what sort of money these would fetch post the release of the new phones.

Australian iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Pricing

Answer: probably not as much as they used to be, or how much you might expect to get.

Because everyone has a smartphone these days, anecdotally the second-hand iPhone market just ain’t what it used to be.

You could probably get around $1000 for your 8 Plus 256GB. After that it dips off pretty sharply - I couldn’t sell an AppleCare+ iPhone 7 for half of what you’d pay for a new one, which I thought was an OK deal, but apparently not.


iPhone X from last year will probably retain the most value of the lot I think, everything else is a crapshoot. iPhone 8 should retain value, but in the face of a new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone “X” like offering it could be severely devalued by that. :thinking:

Also, in my view, if an iPhone has had a 3rd party repair of any kind, it’s basically worthless second hand. :man_shrugging:

I value phones from AppleTalk slightly higher than anywhere else as I trust the owners to be honest with whether it’s had a 3rd party repair or not. :grinning:

My wife is due to upgrade from an iPhone 6s this year too - I’m curious to see what the second hand iPhone X market is like in a couple of months. Looking to get her an iPhone X assuming it’s a reasonable price. I’ll see what the market is like and then try to pick one up for her.

I’m actually not that interested in switching from my iPhone 7+ (Jet Black). I’d have gone to an 8+ in a heartbeat if they has stainless sides, but the aluminium is just too slippery. I am caseless, and the jet black finish is a god send for grippability.

I’m always curious to know how many of any given iPhone that isn’t the current model Apple sell. It must be a very specific customer who will buy and old phone brand new but not want to save more by going second hand…


I’ll be upgrading from my 8 Plus 256gb, but for the hassle of selling it, I may just use New Phone Feeling, even though it’s terrible value.


eBay says $800 - $1,200 for the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB toda so that estimate of $1,000 feels about right, but given we would all be selling after the new one comes out I would expect that to be lower.

Mine is in excellent condition with a case and screen protector from the start and I have the original box with unused accessories so it’s as good as it gets, although I don’t have AppleCare. I used to aim for 50% of the original price (usually through MacTalk), so at $1,479 that about $750. This usually made my phone lower in price than most and as anyone who has bought my stuff can attest, it’s pretty much “as new” condition.

But this year I’ve checked and that trade in deal doesn’t look too bad. $99 and I don’t have to think about it. If I want to keep the phone it’s almost $750 more so $850 would see me break even. Anything less than that and I really might as well just trade it in and skip all the hassles.

I’ll decide next week if it’s even worth doing an upgrade this time around. Even if I do, unless a friend offered me $850+ in hassle free cash it’s probably not worth the effort of keeping it and reselling.


I dare say the main issue with the 2nd hand iPhone market is the matter of trust. Having looked on eBay at least - I’m hesitant to go there due to the flood of refurb imports.

If you do go eBay, I’d suggest making it as clear as possible that it’s a local phone you’re selling.


Try https://mobilemonster.com.au/ . You might be surprised at the price you’re offered for your phone. I’ve used them and although you might not get as much as you really want, this is more than made up for in possibly be scammed on ebay or gumtree or inviting shady characters to meet you in a park somewhere to hand over your phone.


Mobilemuster offer $870 for an “as new” iPhone 8 Plus 256GB and $820 for a “working” unit. Will be interesting to see how much that changes next week.


Yeah it’s not great, I used them last year to get rid of my 7 Plus and they offered me a decent rate. This seems a little on the low side.


I used to always sell mine via mresell.macworld.com.au which, if it was the previous year’s model, I’d get about 50% of the rrp price.

As I’d always bought it duty free that meant only about a ~$300 turn around for a new phone!

But that was with old pricing when the A$ was stronger. Suspect the trade up will cost me more now :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll more than likely be selling my iPhone X once I upgrade to Xs Max. I trust selling on here more than having to deal with eBay and Gumtree. I’ve bought and sold stuff over the years on MacTalk. I also trust the members on here not to be scammers.


Anyone know what the market value for an iPhone X 256gb space grey is now that new devices are out?


I’ll be in the market for a used 7/8/X once the new ones come out next week.


I think I’ll put my iPhone X and Apple Watch series 3 up here before going to eBay or Gumtree. Check back next weekend I’m sure you’ll have a few to choose from.


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I have not been able to sell my 6S for 12 months now