iPhone screen recording with Quicktime


G’day all

Does this still work for any of you? It used to work for me but I tried a couple of iOS devices last night and none were recognised by Quicktime. Running latest versions of iOS and MacOS.



You know iOS 11 has built-in screen recording now, yeah?


I want to watch something from my iPhone on my Mac’s monitor - not record it, just watch it.


To get things started it looks like you need to have iTunes open so iTunes can ask the device if the computer can be trusted you will have to respond in my experience to a prompt on the iPhone once this is done you should be able to then start the recording process from with in Quicktime it self

As someone that uses this feature occasionally I’ve experienced lots of disconnection and connection error’s when trying to get this process started.

Does the application you want to use for this support AirPlay?


Thanks Kyle_K

Having iTunes open lets the iPhone show up in Quicktime but the app won’t allow it to be used this way. It won’t allow streaming to a TV via Apple TV over AirPlay either. Oh well! Worth a try.