IPhone SE: any rumours?


I’ve been contemplating a downsize to the SE from my 6S for some time, but I keep hoping for a rumour or two to emerge about whether its likely to be upgraded in the next round of iPhone releases.

Has anyone heard anything? Or should I just go ahead and buy one now and be done with it. Officeworks has them for $429 so its a huge temptation to jump right now.



:joy: I literally just read this before logging on! Take with a grain of salt!


Hi Kyte

I bought a new SE when my old iPhone 4S went for a swim in the toilet.
They are an amazing machine. Don’t wait for a new SE because it aint gonna happen…


Being a 6S in a different package it’s a pretty well-featured phone, although it’s about to be two generations behind the flagship range. It’s likely to run the current OS for at least the next few years so if you have usage patterns that don’t need the speed or wizbangery (totally a real word) of the latest models and prefer the form factor it’s a really great choice.
If you really need a device right now, go for it! But given how close we are to the next (expected) announcement it’s probably worth waiting on the chance they do update it… (and by expected I don’t mean the next month rumour but rather the announcement of this years iPhone in August/September).

Personally, I have an issue spending money on a “not the latest” model. Price and urgency can influence that, but buying a two year old version just hurts my mind, even if it’s brand new.


I’ve not been able to afford the latest for some time, I bought my 6S a year after release, and likewise the 5S before it. The last time I bought the latest was my 4S. But I take your point about the age of the device’s internals. The 6S will be fine for another year, so the SE would be, as well. A potential update would see me waiting, though, because I think that whichever way I jump, the phone is going to have to do me for a long time. Maybe I just need to sit tight and tolerate the decision I made to go with the larger screen.


I haven’t heard anything at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce the upgraded SE at the same time they announced the original, i.e., at a different time of year to when they do the flagships.


I’m still rocking a 6 Plus which I got new back in 2014. It’s a very fair point on the cost of the latest model which is getting insane. Getting one on a plan at least spreads out the costs which is what I will be looking at this year (having bought outright since the 4/4S??)

Brand new an iPhone SE is $679 from Apple. It’s $449 or there abouts pre paid from Telstra, presumably carrier locked (although it’s probably still cheaper to buy it and unlock it through them than from Apple directly!)

At four hundred odd it’s probably cheaper to buy a brand spanking new SE than a second hand 6S (form factor preference aside) and you get a warranty and a fresh battery.


Surely you can get $400 for your 6S and then buy a SE and be net equal? :slight_smile:


I just bought a bunch of SE’s for people at work. Having used a 6s and then 7+ myself for a while I am so shocked at how wee the SE is! Which is crazy, since I’ve used a 2g, 3GS, 4S, and 5S in the past and always thought they were all great at the time. But using the SE now I am shocked that I was able to use it at all when I had that form factor.


Not only that, but I also could probably get $250 or something for my 5S which is pristine (both phones are) but for some reason I have a bit of an aversion to selling my phones. I still have my 2G, and 3GS, as well as. 4S I bought from ebgames to replace the one I did sell here and later wished I had not.

Maybe I should advertise here and be done with it. However… I’m still waiting to see what happens. Its not that long til September.


Never say never… Most people said the SE was never gonna happen.


I’ve been travelling and use my 5 with an overseas sim and have a 6 as my Aussie phone. I actually really like the form factor of the 5. It’s getting on a bit so a bit slow but for the odd email, phone call, SMS and web search it’s been really good to use for the last few weeks. It feels good in my hand.

The 6 is getting a bit slow, after a 3G, 4, 5, and 6, the 7 was the first non-S I didn’t buy at launch. I’m seriously tempted to upgrade the 6 to the SE even though it’s not the latest phone, but will wait until the announcement in a few weeks, as the SE should still be available for a bit after that if nothing in the new lineup excites me!