iPhone X Cases


My fiancée is out an about looking for a new iPhone case for my iPhone X as part of my Christmas present and knowing the type of person I am, she’s trying to find a genuine blue Apple Silicon Case.

She shot me a message and asked for me to look for where she might be able to get one.

First place I check? Apple Store online…

… no iPhone X cases, except orange and yellow.

What? The iPhone X has only been out just over a year and they’ve stopped selling cases for it?

Does anyone else know where might still have 'em in stock?


Looks like the XS case should fit the X, especially when the X sounds like it has an ever so slightly smaller camera cut out. While it’s a PITA, Apple have a pretty good returns policy, especially around Christmas.

Plan B: Can you go into an Apple store and try one on?


They are slightly different. Got my wife an X case just after XS came out and Apple Retail had them still in all the colours. You could try ringing a few? Or a couple of JB Hifi stores or Apple Resellers like MyMac?


I did exactly plan B. Went in, grabbed one off the display, popped it on, sized it up and decided there wasn’t too much difference.

For those who want some rule 200… The only difference I could see was the very bottom of the camera.

@jaysee - JB HiFi didn’t have any at Garden City in Perth, and I don’t think we have any Apple Resellers left in Perth since Next Byte and Team Digital went down…


I have an XS case on my X. It fits just fine, camera cutout slightly off centre but otherwise fine.