iPhone X Discussion


I bought one of these.
Not sure how much protection it would provide if dropped,but shows the colour of the back and protects from scratches. Besides it was only $14.99


I received my iPhone X yesterday through Vodafone. Today I had an interesting experience where the phone unlocked, but I couldn’t swipe up to open the phone. Eventually I opened Siri and said “open this phone” which then opened it. However swiping on the screen was very slow. I eventually managed to shut the phone down, but it was difficult due to not being able to swipe properly. When I restarted the phone everything went back to normal.

I have heard there were problems with the screen in cold or windy weather but this was inside where the temperature was around 20 degrees.

Any one else had similar problems?


I have several spare clear gel cases if you want one


Have y’all seen the button presses required to do a hard reset on the iPhone X (and 8/8 Plus)? Per the Apple support article on the topic, it’s volume up, volume down, then pressing and holding the power button until your device reboots.

But I have a few questions - why is it so convoluted, and why is it different from the hard reset combo that works on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (holding volume down + power)? None of these devices have a home button, but I don’t understand why Apple went with a different button combo on the newer X and 8 phones.

It’s not because of the emergency SOS feature either, which has a different activation method yet again. On the iPhone X/8/8 Plus, it’s the power button and one of the two volume buttons. On the 7 and 7 Plus, it’s pressing the power button five times rapidly.

Anyone else have any guesses?


Hey @Dan, I’m all sorted now but thanks!


No problem! I have four spares that I was going to give away when lining up for the X, but I ended up pre-ordering for the first time lol.


I got mine about a week ago. I’ve upgraded from a 6+ as well and it feels a bit small afterwards. One funny thing is that I had it sitting on non-slip matting on top of a closed MacBook Air sitting at a slight slant on a stand, and the back glass is so crazy slippery that it wouldn’t stay on the non-slip matting! I really need to get a case again.

The really nice thing is that I can use Apple Pay with it.


Who cares? It’s one extra button and the device resets. I doubt anyone is going to lose sleep over it.


I care. Where’s your sense of curiosity?

I don’t actually care that it’s an extra button, I’m not sure anyone does. But I’m curious about why it’s different to a phone that has exactly the same hardware/physical buttons. Why was it changed? Why couldn’t they have kept the same button combo for a hard reboot?


Wonder if it’s because the accessibility shortcut, which used to be triple pressing the home button is now triple pressing power. Maybe they thought it’d be confusing. But that’d only explain the X.


Because they days of simplicity and consistency from Apple are in the past, there is no reason that they needed to change it but seem to like change for the sake of change these days.


Why the change of heart on the iPhone X?


A couple of things made it feel like a downgrade, combined with the cost of switchover at around 800 meant no need.

For me the killers were (in decreasing order of impact):

  • less usable screen area than plus (narrow v wide, and the top and bottom largely useless fluff w/ round corners made the screen feel smaller). Keyboard spacing also far more comfortable for longer form typing on wider Kb
  • control centre one handed too hard to use
  • RSI from constantly swiping up (vs multiple button press on home button to unlock, close current app and go home, then go to home screen) after a week reminded me of the old painful “swipe right to unlock” that my thumbs hated after 4 years before Touch ID arrived.
  • Face ID only working with one face (I have a 10 char alphanumeric passcode for work, but my wife currently has a finger stored in my phone for convenience)
  • FaceID still unreliable after a week with glasses/hat/in bed. Entering a 10 char passcode one handed isn’t an option, but carrying a coffee and walking outside needed awkward sunglasses removal etc etc. Just too Much of a compromise for me.

I realise these aren’t dealbreakers for everyone but they were enough to make me realise I didn’t need to spend $1k upgrading this year. I toyed with an 8+ instead but I believe it actually has a smaller battery than the 7+ due to the wireless charging which I don’t need.


Some interesting feedback there jaysee especially given Apple’s insistence that FaceID is very reliable when it appears that this is (in your case at least) far from the truth. I did wonder myself how all the swipe gestures would affect usability, it appears to be another case of form over function from Apple.

My personal belief is that Apple needs to stop releasing products at the pace that they do and spend some time making sure that existing products work properly. Case in point here is Siri - Siri is a total joke, its voice recognition is terrible, functionality sub-par and over all feels unfinished - so much so that I don’t use it and would rather use Google now as it is a far more reliable and polished product. I’ll take an iPhone over and Android any time for usability and stability but as far as a ‘personal assistant’ goes Google’s products are head and shoulders above Apple’s.


Interesting re faceid. I’ve got to say I’m impressed. Head on it’s always worked, and 4 out of 5 times it’s ok with cap and sunglasses. For me it’s better than touchid as it works with damp hands.


4/5 (80/100) is a dealbreaker for me. Touch ID is 99/100 for me. The one handed unlock has become a staple use for me. Needs to be perfect. :man_shrugging:


Fair enough. I find them about the same at 92% (give or take!). I must wear a cap and sunglasses as often as my hands are wet. :wink:


I found this tip online on how to increase accuracy of FaceID. As part of enrollement you do two scans of your face. On first one do a full face on with phone held up in front of face. The second one hold phone much further down near your waist. This will mimic situation when you’re walking around and just glancing at your phone from your pocket. i.e your face will be titled down and chin going into chest. Coincidentally this is also how you will look at phone while lying in bed.

I’ve done this and has increased accuracy of FaceID for me. YMMV.