iPhone X pre-orders


Hey guys

Was wondering if anyone knew what time on Friday the pre-orders for iPhone X would open? Also, is there likely to be a purchase and collect from store option?



6.01pm AEDT.

Not sure about click and collect.


Click and collect has been available for other recent product launches, so I’d go with yes.


Counting down…

What colours are people going to go for?

Silver or Black?


I’m going for white I think, in 64GB. Partially because I don’t need heaps of space anymore now I use iCloud Photo Library and partially because I think it’ll ship sooner. :slight_smile:


Interesting, I hadn’t thought of this.

You’d think that the people buying the iPhone X would be true Apple enthusiasts, who need the extra space, so they’ll go for the 256GB. But surely there’s as many people who will be buying the 64GB to save $200 on what is already an expensive phone?

Guess we’ll know soon enough.


I won’t be getting one, but it’s going to be interesting to see, once the dust settles, how far out you’re going to have to wait if you don’t preorder tomorrow. Given that we’re hearing stock will be extremely constrained, I’m willing to bet it will be at least a two month wait, but let’s see.


I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that bad. There may be some disappointed people (disappointed they’re not getting a new phone on launch day), but I don’t think it’s going to blow out to months. Apple simply wouldn’t let that happen.


There’s no way to know this for sure. AirPods were a 6 week wait within minutes of ordering opening, and stayed that way for months.


Fair point. Although the iPhone is the a fagship product, so it puts it in a different light to Airpods.


Okay I’ve never pre-ordered an iPhone before, so is it normal for telcos to withhold their pricing until the actual moment of pre-order?

I’m planning to go on a plan through Telstra because $1,800…


I’m going to go Silver too this time around… let the countdown begin…


Well good luck to you all. As mentioned, I think the app is the best way to success, though I’d have a browser window or four open in front of you as well.


Yep, they’re betting on you making an impulsive decision to get your phone faster, instead of comparing what’s available.


15 minutes to go.



Good luck, intrepid early adopters! May your wait times be short.


Got mine - 2 x 256 Silver delivering next Friday 3/11!

Ordered at 6:05 pm

Oh man the pain - with AppleCare total is $4,256… for 2 phones…


Its out to 13 to 20th November already


Got mine 1 x 256 GB Space Grey.

Ordered at 18:07.

Looks like all Space Grey unavailable for shipping by 18:10.


14th - 21st delivery window for me. Briefly showed pickup available which I chose, but it changed during checkout. :slightly_frowning_face:

Interested to know what ISPs people were on. I wonder if it’s an ISP caching issue? Took a LONG time before the site even loaded for me - i.e. I couldn’t even see website or app at the time @Erwin and @bigbod had already ordered. :thinking: I’m on Telstra.