iPhone X pre-orders


256gb space grey 14th - 21st. Tried on so many devices. Took ages to get through.


Got black 256gb delivery 3/11. Was trying Chrome on my Mac and the iPhone Apple store app. Quickly jumped to Safari and it worked. Lucky I did.


Optus cable here. Not sure if that made a difference. For once the website was up before the iOS Apple Store. I used Chrome. Constant refreshing.


Did anybody order online with pickup available in store?

Here is a Reserve & Pickup link that was on Whirlpool. Comes back up on the 4th Nov @ 6AM.



Way too late, anyway 64gb version space grey for delivery on the 28/11


Did not pre-order - decided to wait for bleeding edge buyers to work through the faults in the X that no doubt people will discover. :slight_smile:


Ultimately successful after what was an initial clusterfuck.

Kept seeing the Store landing page in both Chrome and the Apple Store app. No amount of refreshing, cache clearing, quit-restart would change that. Eventually switched over to Safari, got through to the store via Apple’s AU front page.

Managed to snag a 64gb Silver (my first choice) for pickup at Knifepoint on launch day. Was very lucky, as I tried to add another handset to see wait times, all were then at 2-3 weeks (now out to 4-5!).

25 minutes later placed an order for a genuine silicon case (Midnight Blue), ready for pick up on 1/11. Will just grab it on Friday. Although I might cancel/return if I can find something on eBay or whatever.

Credit card has been charged initial $1, not long after full $1579 was pre-auth’d. $1 auth for the case, full amount will probably pre-auth/charge a bit later.

Reading Whirlpool there’s a lot of very pissed off people. One guy is so angry he missed out on a launch day delivery he’s “packing up all his recent Apple products and returning them for a full refund”. Y THO.


I got onto the store in the first few minutes and had the pick of iPhones for pickup at 8am.

Went to the processing stage and for some reason all of my Apple Pay details had vanished (even though I purchase via the App all the time). Had to re-enter all of my credit card details into Apple Pay again and by the time that was finished all the pickup on launch day slots were gone.

Ended up getting a delivery date of 15 November. Disappointed I’m not getting it on launch day as this will be the first iPhone since the 3G 9 years ago that I have not got the latest Phone on launch day (First World problems!).


Firefox worked for me first. At about 6.07pm. Glad I got in the 2-3 weeks bit. Who knows they might ship sooner, I think that happened for me with the 5s. Said 2-3 weeks but shipped a day after launch.


The phone plans are surprisingly affordable. I’m glad I held off to wait. I’ll grab an X later this year after all the hoopla has died down, but yeah very impressed!


Has anyone cancelled a preorder online and had the funds released quickly. Might decide to line up at a store to make sure I get one.


They don’t charge your account until the item ships, so it’s easy to cancel.


cool might do that


I am EFFING pissed off guys - I was right there at 6:05 when the app came back online…got my phone, got the pick up time and then the app screws me over. I enter my CC security code and kept taking me to the page to save my payment details, again and again and again. It refused to accept my order.

By the time I got through - on safari at 6:15 - it’s blown out to 4-5 weeks. Looking at 11 - 15 Dec!!!


I could literally see the delivery times blowing out each time I tried to re-order the item.


Had the same sort of problem. Because I got through on Firefox first I wasn’t logged in and realised I had some old info. Thankfully it only blew out to 2-3 weeks by the time my order was confirmed. Still a bit annoyed but what can I do.


That’s sort of what happened to me as well. It would not take my Apple Pay details, and by the time I got it sorted, I had missed out on the first batch of orders.


I had a date of 13/11 when I added it to my bag, then I said yes to applecarecand a case. That was where I think I went wrong. By the time I got to checkout- it said Nov 28-Dec 4.

Next time I’ll use the Store App and no accessories! Maybe I might get a reservation next Saturday when they go live again.


I ended up deciding to order mine through Vodafone. Expected shipping date is 28/12 so it looks like a late Christmas present for me… :confused:


Pissed off with Vodafone, had to call to upgrade as I’m on a shared plan got through at 6.15 and upgraded to 256gb and was told shipping would be 1-3 weeks. next morning I get a text with a shipping link and it says out of stock estimated delivery date to ship 28 December! Rang them and they go ahh yeah sorry but that’s the date. NOT HAPPY GRRR


In-store pickup has just turned over to “Ready”.