iPhone X Queue


Anyone queuing for a phone for tomorrow? :thinking:


Thinking about lining up at chadstone tonight , anyone else here going to that store?


Curious to see if anyone is lining up at the Adelaide store.


As always the question is where do you go to get a look at one in the Melbourne CBD. Presuming they sell out pretty quick at the Telco, can probably just play with a display model at a Telco store or JB Hifi, or if necessary climb up to the top floor of Myer where hopefully everyone forgot there’s even Apple Stuff there (as an aside, my tip is that Myer will stop selling Electrical/Home electronics at some future point as that part of the store is jut about always a ghost town, just as David Jones did).


Currently in the queue at Chadstone and made it to about 70 in the line. Think there are at least 500 people here, but apparently plenty of units available. Although that may not be the case later in the day.


Just walked into Doncaster and reserved 2 for pickup later in the day. They seemed to have stock of everything.


Still some stock at George St if you are keen. From queue to iPhone took about 45 mins.


Picked up pre-order from Knifepoint at about 12.40pm. There was one person in the pre-order queue ahead of me, both of us were just waiting for someone to become available.

The general queue was probably about 50 deep. It was empty by the time we walked past again maybe 45 minutes later, so I’m guessing someone told them they had no more phones available.


Can confirm that Apple chadstone have sold out.