iPod Touch battery replacement policy


Morning all

Can anyone explain to me why the new iPhone battery replacement policy doesn’t also apply to the latest model iPod Touch? I understand that iPads aren’t being slowed down as their batteries are huge and it is not necessary. iPod Touch batteres are similar (smaller?) in size to iPhone batteries so I assume the same software slowing applies to them as their batteries age. Yet the cost of replacement is $119 v $39 for an iPhone battery.

I’ve asked this question of Apple Support on Twitter but haven’t had a reply.



It’s because no one is complaining about iPod touch battery life after two years.


Because Apple replaces iPhone batteries within the existing phone. The old battery comes out, and another ones goes in.

The iPod Touch is a sealed device, assembled with adhesive to secure the screen, and instead of replacing the battery, Apple exchanges the entire iPod with a refurbished replacement unit.

Whether the iPod should be covered under the same program is another discussion, but I’d imagine the reason they aren’t is because Apple isn’t willing to give out complete replacement iPods for $39 a piece.


That makes sense, thanks! The question remains though - are they slowing down iPods as well? Their logic for slowing down iPhones with ageing batteries should apply to iPods.