Is HomeKit the next Airport?

Here me out. I’ve been seeing some interesting smart devices and I was particularly looking at a Lenovo Smart Clock, but then I also stumbled on the Amazon Echo 5. I’m sorta scared of Amazon because they’re the third wheel between Android and iOS. Two is a party, three is company.

The HomeKit is cool and all, although I can’t help but think it’s missing the point. The Homepod trash can/tissue box misses the point also, in my instance something that has the typical features of an alarm clock plus a bit more, it can operate your smart devices, and even play music, or in the case of the Echo even video (though I’m not sure about video on a screen the same size as my iPhone). Then there is Google Nest also…

The Homepod is that device that shows you the door to the Apple ecosystem but unless you buy an iPad and Apple TV along with a raft of other devices it doesn’t let you drive it.

To me this makes HomeKit the next Airport. A device ecosystem that sorta forces your hand to go all in on Apple or not. I don’t think Apple has learned a thing from the Airport era. Meanwhile you can now operate Google and Alexa from your iOS device. Granted it’s not perfect integration, you can’t replace Siri yet, but on the other hand you can get access to the whole Nest or Echo environment.