Is there more to handheld devices than FB?



Hear me out please. I found myself in a bit of a “dilemma “
About two weeks ago I have cancelled my FB account and deleted the app from my iPhone. On may 23 apparently all my FB history will be deleted unless I log back on before that date.

Before the two weeks ago momentous event I found myself visiting FB frequently not just to see what my friends were up to but also to get the latest news on all things I’m into (Apple, retro computers, USA politics, Poland’s patriotic and historical news, soccer news, NFL, my beloved Swans and Dragons, gun ownership and few others) but all these and more I can either visit specific forums or get it from the news app.

So what else is there besides FB, Instagram, reddit, Twitter etc to use my iPhone in spare time or as a source of information for things I’m interested in?

What apps do you use?


I don’t have Fakebook Facebook app on my phone but kept Messenger for family members to reach me. I use mainly Instagram, Reddit, Tapatalk (forums), Strava/Garmin Connect (runs), Feedly for RSS/news feeds… That’s more than enough lol.


Thanks I might have to roll that out on a couple of forums.


I use Telegram now, instead of fb messenger. And for news, I use Safari. I have no real desire to participate in any more forums than I am already involved in, theres just not enough time. I spend most of my time here,,, (used to be and With all that, theres no time for facebook and its ilk. I also have passing interests at and


My phone is 99% the brains of my 3T bicycle computer. The 3T Eye acts as my eyes on the road for my smartphone which is in my jersey pocket on my bicycle. It keeps a running tally of my bicycle riding which I upload to Strava so I can track how I’m doing.

I never liked facebook mobile anyway. I participate on Instagram for my digital and analogue photography, as well as this forum, bike forums and dpreview. In the mean time I go out and lead a healthy normal lifestyle in the real world which I’ve gotten more and more used to since getting back into cycling after about 15 years off my bike.


I’m on Facebook, but I don’t have the app installed on my phone as it’s just a battery/time suck. The only social app I have any more is Instagram. I use my phone for banking, as a camera, for email and diary, for music. Also for connecting to my Garmin watch. I do have messenger and Whatsapp for keeping in touch with people. I use Google Pay (did I mention it’s a Pixel 2 XL? I switched a couple of months back). Not missing the iphone at all. I’m shocked how little I miss it.