Issue with Contacts


What could cause the Contacts app on my iPad to not save any new contacts. I had not realised until this morning that contacts are not being saved at all, regardless of format used. Can’t work it out.

[edit] New contacts entered on my iPhone appear in the iPad app without issue.


So you populate a contact card, save and exit, go back in and it’s not there? Or is it on the iPad and not syncing to other devices?

If it’s the latter, what sync service/s (gmail, iCloud, outlook etc) are you using for your contacts? By any chance are you saving to a service on the iPad which is not present on the iPhone?


Yep, add new contact, add the info. It doesnt save. To get it into the ipad (where its not really needed) I have to put it in my phone, and then it gets to the ipad. I used to do the entries on the ipad because its easier for me. Now, I have no idea whats going on. Its like I never made the entry.