Issues with Google Search and YouTube - Features disabled!

Is anyone else having issues with Google web search and YouTube which is also owned by Google in that certain features have stopped working since Google did their last updates maybe a month or so back if that’s when Google installed their ‘Google apps’ i.e. the icon of 9 little boxes next to the blue ‘Sign in’ button on the ‘Google Search’ home page as I never noticed that before or I never had it popping up that box of 21 icons since before then every time my cursor goes in that direction, which is really annoying!

With Google Search, four functions no longer work. They are:

  1. Google’s ‘Featured Snippets’ can no longer be accessed. They’re being displayed fine, but I can no longer click on them to access them as clicking has been disabled!

  2. I can no longer access ‘cached’ web page content as clicking on the cached down arrow symbol has been disabled.

  3. Image search now only displays the first 20 images. All other images are simply blank coloured boxes and further clicking on any of the first 20 images no longer takes me to the webpage displaying the image, but just simply refreshes the current page.

  4. Clicking on the camera icon in ‘Google Images’ has been disabled so reverse image search is no longer possible!

On YouTube I can no longer access/see the comments replies as that has been disabled too!

All of these are Google issues not Apple Safari issues, but there’s no way to contact Google to let them know so they can fix them. I want to hear from any other Safari users having the same issues.