"It Just Works" (iOS / macOS file transfers)


Ah - yes - that’s right - I did see that option whilst setting up my new iPhone 8…

I have avoided the cloud like a plague for a number of years, but as I try to turn a new technological leaf, perhaps I should actually spend the time needed to get up to speed with this possible gem…

(Wasn’t thrilled when it wiped my Contacts (due admittedly to my not understanding the way the Cloud works) and also have not valued the Cloud’s usefulness when living as we typically always have on very low data plans. Between myself and my wife however we are about to move from 3GB/month to 8GB/month, so that may change…)

This link tells me we get 5GB of free iCloud storage? So in the short term at least - I could potentially back up my wife’s iPhone 5S 16GB to the cloud for free, and then use that file to set up her iPhone 8 Plus that’s due to arrive in a few days…?


Your phone may have been backing itself up already. I suspect the default setup is with iCloud enabled and iCloud backup on.