iTunes codes & Movies Anywhere app


I bought an Apple TV 4K last week and was reading some bits and pieces of it and came across this site called Ultraviolet Cinema.

They’re a search engine for people selling their US iTunes movie codes and they are often cheaper than it costs to rent them from iTunes or Hoyts Kiosk. People also sell UV codes, but the thing is if you redeem a HD iTunes movie code and Apple has a 4K transfer of the film, they’ll give you the 4K copy at no extra cost.

Yeah, you need a US iTunes account to redeem the codes, but here’s the other thing I discovered. If you create a Movies Anywhere account you can link your US iTunes, Google, Amazon and Vudu accounts to it, and your movies will follow you wherever you go.

These days, most UV codes that you redeem on Flixster will show in Vudu if you create an account there, so it’s pretty cool to have all my UV movies finally playable on TV.

So with this setup I can watch all my digital movies on YouTube, iTunes, or through Movies Anywhere, and I can give that Movies Anywhere login to some friends and they can watch my entire library too. That app works on iOS and Android and you can airplay or cast it to the big screen. Pretty cool I reckon.

You might need a VPN like TunnelBear to create a Movies Anywhere and Vudu account, but other than that the only complication is switching to a US iTunes account to redeem a film code.

And yep, if you install Movies Anywhere on your Apple TV you can switch back to the Australian store if that’s your main and still play the movies via that app, just not the iTunes Movies app.

Anyway, I’m pretty impressed. Just thought I’d share. A 2nd hand market for UV and iTunes codes - who knew!?


The problem here in Australia is all the digital copy codes (the ones supplied with DVD’s or Blu-ray’s) are for Ultraviolet not iTunes. They used to be for iTunes but that was dropped in favour of Ultraviolet several years ago.


It’s not a problem if you link your Flixster account to a Vudu account, which can be done at The majority of them will show up in Vudu.